MOVIES 2018 – SCI-FI, Adventure, etc on U-Tube

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    U-Tube has great free resources — this thread is to highlight free MOVIES or VIDEOS (and sometimes YMMV as these are rightfully taken down if copyright laws come into play … Both of these HD movies were nice free ones discovered … The tiger movie in 1st link is a keeper as a “Jaws on Land” plot throughout & Gary Busey is a great actor … I plan to share with better 1/2 & hound later this evening in HD mode 8)

    Maneater | 2007 Thriller
    The hunter becomes the hunted when the forested shadows of the Appalachian Trail are stalked by a wild animal out of its element, hungry and born to ravage. 600 pounds, 12 feet from nose to tail, it’s one of the most powerful cats on Earth.

    “Gulliver’s Travels” [Ted Danson 1996]
    A shipwrecked 18th-century English physician recalls an odyssey that took him to four bizarre lands. From Jonathan Swift’s book.

    part 2


    the one downfall of youtube movies and shows is that they usually are taken down as fast as they go up

    after seeing ur post CI I checked with some of my bookmarks and noticed many of the movies I was gonna d/l are no longer available – which is why, if u see it posted, download ASAP


    [b]FOUR STARS & a keeper as one of best action movies I’ve seen in a while
    I love the “made for TV sci-fi videos as they do not have bad language & showing violence is more subdued
    Best TRAIN movie I have ever seen (1st 1/2 of movie is amazing cinematography being a lover of the arts 8)
    ending far different than Rudolph & I thought initially :woohoo:[/b]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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