Market Weekly: Oct 19 – Oct 26 2018

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    U.S. Treasury auctions US$31 billion 7-year notes at 3.074%

    Highest auction yield since April 2010 (3.21%).

    Bid to cover at 2.39X – less than last month 3.45X and 3.55X average over last 6 auctions
    64.6% indirect bidders vs 62% prior
    5.2% direct bidders vs 12.8% prior
    30.1% primary dealers


    [size=6][b][color=limegreen]Dow 24,984.55 401.13 1.63%
    S&P 500 2,705.57 49.47 1.86%
    Nasdaq 7,318.34 209.94 2.95%
    Gold 1,234.60 2.20 0.18%
    Oil 67.02 -0.31 -0.46% [/color][/b][/size]


    [color=teal][size=5][b]HAPPY FDIC FRIDAY & wishing a GOOD FRIDAY & weekend to all 8)

    We have yet more heavy rainstorms coming to SW VA …
    as remnants of PACIFIC Hurricane Willa have traveled across Mexico & great state of TEXAS
    to combine with another LOW creating a strong Nor’easter
    It’s in upper 30F on top of mountain & we may even see some mixed winter precip
    No strong winds but it is rare for Pacific storms to come our way
    But we are seeing everything these days — in the wild whacky year of 2018 – lol :woohoo: [/b][/size][/color]


    DOW FUTURES DOWN minus 250
    with an unstable VIX & world wide economic issues (trade wars, global slowdown, etc)[/b][/size][/color]


    [color=red][b]HOLY COW — BLOODBATH on WALL ST … despite good GDP report …
    Some WALL ST beef is roasting on BULLs side of house :ohmy:
    Amazon, SNAP, and other techs are tumbling on the NAZ[/b][/color]

    From 1975 movie CAR WASH — “I’m going DOWN”


    Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased 3.5% in the third quarter of 2018, according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Core PCE +1.6% vs +2.1% expected



    University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment 98.6 v 99.0 estimate

    Current conditions 113.1 versus 114.4 preliminary
    Expectations 89.3 versus 89.1 preliminary

    1-year inflation 2.9% versus 2.8% preliminary
    5 – 10 year inflation 2.4% versus 2.3% preliminary

    Index of buying conditions for durables fell to 163 from 164
    Consumers expect the economy will produce strong job growth in the year ahead even if wage gains are tepid
    Near-term increases in inflation were expected to be temporary
    Uncertainty about the trade war will affect American businesses
    Recent stock market gyrations could weigh on consumer sentiment


    Cleveland Fed president Loretta Mester says There is no need to panic

    She is on CNBC TV
    Other gems:

    Markets are orderly and functioning
    There are risks out there that are being reassessed
    This is a natural thing going on in financial markets

    Says that recent market volatility hasn’t changed her outlook
    Says her long-run Fed funds rate is 3%
    Long-run growth rate for US economy is about 2%


    [color=brown][b][size=4]MEDIA ties into TRUMP everyway they can (CNN calls 13 recipients “Trump Terror Targets“)
    The bombers van is covered with pro-Trump & anti-CNN stickers” (and what’s wrong with that – lol) 😉

    and wondering aloud – whether these are actually fake bombs
    or something to impact mid-terms (like the KAV hearings & organized “caravan” march)
    This is easy a “one off” extreme case on right — or a setup of sending fakes for political purposes?
    ALL media should wait for true facts to emerge — nuff said

    EQUITIES are getting small BOUNCE off news.

    P.S. Rush noted Florida sun would cause these stickers to quickly fade some & the van would be all “keyed” and scratched up? … so the bombers van & primitive non-working devices are suspicious indeed


    RALLY TIME – this puppy is going GREEN 8)


    [color=purple][size=5][i]A nice BOUNCE of over 300 points after the arrest
    But later — Earnings Fears + BEARS returned
    Still these sell-offs are natural & healthy long-term
    But also hopeful for better times soon[/i][/size][/color]

    [size=6][b][color=red]Dow 24,688.31 -296.24 -1.19%
    S&P 500 2,658.69 -46.88 -1.73%
    Nasdaq 7,167.21 -151.12 -2.06%[/color]
    Gold 1,235.40 3.00 0.24%
    Oil 67.62 0.29 0.43%[/b][/size]


    Special prayers extend to those attacked today in [color=red]Jewish synagogue mass attack in Pittsburgh[/color”> — as 8 have perished so far in early reports 🙁 🙁 🙁 I’m afraid to even to look at the news – as somewhere between CNN & Drudge the truth is present … the Jewish lineage are the chosen people & actually should be at seat of honor & not what we are seeing today. Our nation does need to unite in peace on ALL sides & quit fighting one another for good of all mankind (plus the deer too – lol).


    NOR-EASTER is turning into SNOW event :ohmy:


    Another week of terrible news an senseless murders and threats and the shrill of media and the blame game from all sides feeds on itself – one cant help think much of this is orchestrated. The fact that that thought even crosses ones mind tells you how broken our society is.

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