Market Weekly: Nov 30 Dec 1 2017

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    ^^^^ LOL and thank goodness we woke A3 up in time to buy on the dip … and today is Championship Saturday for college football … so great end to the week 🙂


    [size=5]BREAKING NEWS — Overnight, TAX BILL passed in SENATE in late night session

    TAX PLAN THOUGHTS: I believe this will help corporations mostly … but if corporate America gets healthier so do JOBS and our economy (so ALL will benefit). Actually, the RICH are HURT with the plan and actually if you think about it they are paying far more than their share on all taxes (unless we had a FLAT TAX can media say rich are not paying their fair share). I know from personal experience when you cross certain income levels, you loose full deductibility, etc.

    In new plan, RICH get worst end of deal — but it’s not too bad of an increase (except perhaps loss of tax loopholes). Actually tax breaks at lower end help young workers a lot as our children just getting started in workforce, will have a little more jingle in their pockets :).

    I also believe STATE / PROPERTY taxes should be included to avoid “double taxation” concepts. But FAKE NEWS & D’s are also misreporting as being bad for POOR & MIDDLE bracket taxpayers … I think this helps both areas some. Notice in their critique they use “fake news” words of “proportionally” or “worst off in next 10 years” …. and other strange angles in reporting to distort true intent of bill.

    I actually believe we should do 25% rather than 20% for business — to better phase in … But this radical change could spur economic growth – as we’ve not had true recovery since 2001 (9/11 impacts) … The 20% for business could create a BOOM in economy like days of IKE. This new plan may make our taxes even go up slightly but only a tiny bit — so I am all in favor of it for the good it will bring to corporate America alone :).[/size]

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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