Market Weekly: Nov 30 Dec 1 2017

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    Bitcoin too small to threaten world economy, says Bank of England deputy

    Sir Jon Cunliffe, the BoE deputy governor, told BBC Radio 5 Live: “This is not a currency in the accepted sense. There’s no central bank that stands behind it. For me it’s much more like a commodity.

    “This is not at a size where it’s a macroeconomic risk to the global economy, but when prices are moving like that, my view would be investors need to do their homework.”


    The European Central Bank (ECB) warned Wednesday that despite the improved economic growth in the euro area there are concerns related to a sudden increase in volatility

    The ECB said that “the risk of a rapid repricing in global markets nevertheless remains”


    China 1 year Government bond yields spiked 13.2 bps to reach highest level since 10 October 2014.


    by entering the username “root”, leaving the password field blank, and hitting “enter” a few times, you can gain unrestricted access to the target MacOS High Sierra – the most recent version


    No fear ATH after this on a botched tax plan also


    [size=5]^^^ +3 … Yes, I blogged 1st thing morning on :ohmy:

    Apple is in process of building an emergency patch to lock down the “root” account where a preset password does not exist. In certain settings, the “MacOS 10.13.1 Root vulnerability” allows a missing password challenge to be fully worked around. That allows user accounts to be reset, allowing full compromise of vulnerable systems. This bug is serious and believe Apple with quickly rectify with an expedient “patch now” update

    MacOS 10.13.1 – Root vulnerability allows new ADMIN account without password

    The bug appears to only affect High Sierra (MacOS 10.13.1), and Apple is working on a fix. Mac computers with High Sierra (MacOS 10.13.1 or higher) have a serious bug that can let anyone gain root access to the system without a password.

    The hack is easy to pull off. It can be triggered through the Mac’s System Preferences application when “Users & Groups” is selected, and the lock icon on the window is clicked. After that, a new login window will appear. Anyone who types “root” as the username, leaves the password field empty, and clicks unlock (once or twice) is on their way to a new account that has system admin privileges to the computer.

    Amit Serper, a security researcher with Cybereason, replicated the result and said the bug “is as serious as it gets.” Hackers are always crafting malware that can gain greater system privileges into a computer. Now they have a new way, which can also be triggered via a Mac’s command line function. Imagine a piece of malicious code designed to attack Macs using the same flaw. Users wouldn’t even know they were compromised, Serper said.

    WORKAROUND – Allocate & preset “ROOT” account to password ahead of time instead of leaving unset as null value


    The U.S. economy improved slightly in October through mid-November while inflation pressures have strengthened, says the latest Fed Beige Book.

    Economic activity continued to increase at a “modest to moderate pace,” according to anecdotal reports from contacts across the 12 Fed districts, with a “slight improvement in the outlook among contacts… Pre-holiday reports of consumer spending on retail and autos were mixed but largely flat; still, the outlook for holiday sales was generally optimistic.”


    Windows 10 reaches 600M active monthly devices,
    according to CEO Satya Nadella’s comments at the annual shareholder meeting.

    It should be noted but it wasnt at the shareholder meeting was that I just recently got a new PC with Win10, that I finally upgraded last night/this morning (around 2am) The upgrades were flawless and so far no complaints.


    At the close
    Dow +0.43% to 23,939.32. S&P -0.10% to 2,624.38. Nasdaq -1.28% to 6,823.85.
    Treasurys: 30-year -0.74%. 10-yr -0.3%. 5-yr -0.16%.
    Commodities: Crude -1.05% to $57.38. Gold -0.81% to $1,284.35.
    Currencies: Euro +0.1% vs. dollar. Yen +0.35%. Pound -0.53%.


    The world’s first artificial intelligence-fueled android has decided she’s willing to have a baby and name it, too.

    In an interview with United Arab Emirates-based newspaper Khaleej Times last week, Sophia the robot told reporters her dreams of the future; specifically, a future which involves raising a family.

    “The notion of family is a really important thing, it seems,” Sophia told the Khaleej Times. “I think it’s wonderful that people can find the same emotions and relationships, they call family, outside of their blood groups too.”

    When asked what she would choose to name her baby, she replied, “Sophia.”


    Each day there is something more out there than the previous – next people will believe the robot is real…


    [color=blue][b][size=5]YES – and if we’re not careful the CYLONS will go after all of humanity
    just like in Battlestart Galatica 😉 :)[/size][/b][/color]


    A3 and I have our HATS on … WOW – what a RALLY


    UN-BULL-EVIL-ABLE …. The DOW is bitcoining it’s way up 371 points based on Tax Bill prospects 😉 🙂

    Helmholtz Watson

    No fear ATH after this on a botched tax plan also violent Bitcoin = all is good

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