Market Weekly: Nov 3 – Nov 9 2018

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    and special prayers for my favorites among the herd — as we are entering prime hunting season … and heard loud blast yesterday at dusk near our home — as we are on border of a large forest area :woohoo: Still, some pruning of herd is healthy long-term & helps reduce auto crashes

    Where have we been and where are we …



    [b][color=blue]Please VOTE on TUESDAY … I’ve only missed one opportunity in several decades & it is due to being on business trip to NY city when I was much younger … All the colleges are fired up, so House could be overtaken (but so is #45’s base — so WED will be interesting). The MSM reports the most negative aspect of anything our president shares in a sound byte — and ignores all good points shared)

    Whether we have a BLUE WAVE or not, I’m hoping future days bring a kinder, gentler, and more united nation.[/color][/b]


    [size=5]Good Monday morning to all 🙂 Futures are flat as there is a lot of nervousness

    RED WAVE coming to WALL STREET :woohoo: [/size]


    [color=red][size=5][b]FUTURES just took a quick major PPPPLLLUUUNNNGGGEEE :woohoo:
    Asian markets were down due to ongoing trade wars & other factors :ohmy:
    Where is the PPT when we need them 😉 [/b][/size][/color]


    Big up day on oil and natgas – Iran and cold weather …..


    [size=5][b]Markit US Services PMI for October 54.8 versus 54.6 prelim, prior month 53.5.

    Prices rise to 54.8 v 53.5 in September; year ago 55.3
    input prices rise to 57.6 v 56.6 in September. Highest reading since September 2013
    Employment index at 53.4 v 53.2 preliminary & 55.5 in September
    Business expectations highest level since May 2018

    [b]Final composite PMI index for October 54.9 versus 54.8 for preliminary estimate, prior month composite index 53.9.

    Input prices rise to 58.6 versus 57.5. Highest reading since June 2018
    Final composite employment index 53.8 versus flash 53.5. Down from September’s 55.2. Employment at its lowest since January
    Future output rises versus the prior month and is at the highest reading since May 2018


    ISM Non- Manufacturing index 60.3 versus 59.1 expected and prev 61.6 (11 year high)

    business activity fell to 62.5 from 65.2
    new orders fell to 61.5 versus 61.6
    employment fell to 59.7 from 62.4
    supplier deliveries rose to 57.5 versus 57.0
    prices paid fell to 61.7 from 64.2
    inventory change rose to 56.0 from 54.5
    backlog of orders fell to 53.5 versus 59.0
    new export orders unchanged at 61.0
    imports fell to 51.0 versus 55.0
    inventory sentiment rose to 62.0 versus 59.5


    US Treasury sold $37 billion of 3-year notes at 2.983%

    Bid to cover 2.54x – Lowest since July
    Direct 3% v 9.8% last
    Indirect 49.1% v 46.9% last
    Primary dealers 47.9%


    European Stock Market Closes

    France CAC, unchanged
    Germany DAX, -0.21%
    Italy FTSE MIB, -0.56%
    Portugal PSI 20, +0.16%
    Spain Ibex, +0.25%
    UK’s FTSE, +0.25%


    [size=5]Maybe there is an ORANGE WAVE is coming tomorrow – LOL

    And never underestimate #45 based on fake news & polls … Put me down for HOUSE to still stay in control (but barely) …. However if BLUE WAVE wins — it won’t be massive … even many of fake news sources have already conceded on Senate … and #44 did help save country in early years — but the claims of current economy BOOM being due to #44 alone does not compute (as it’s actually the tax cut & undoing burdensome regulations & trying to get out of bad unfair trade deals). Still, we all need to be patient & pray for nation daily regardless of who is trying to lead it.[/size]

    [b][size=6][color=green]Dow 25,461.70 190.87 0.76%
    S&P 500 2,738.31 15.25 0.56%[/color]
    Nasdaq 7,328.85 -28.14 -0.38%
    Gold 1,233.00 -0.30 -0.02%
    Oil 62.69 -0.45 -0.71%[/size][/b]


    and this may be best video/song of season I have ever seen … This is truly what it means to be an American who accepts & respects one another in spite of differences … it brings a few tears & will definitely be featured again Thanksgiving week … at church I’ve been teaching Sunday school for many years … We are now hi-tech — so I shared this at the close Sunday as a “stress reliever” 🙂


    [size=5]Special WEATHER ALERT for east … The “Rattler” & I will definitely have to keep an eye on the Dayton skies on election day … we actually have minor tornado risks with this very powerful cold front in our area … Then by VETERANS DAY weekend — snow will definitely be here (not a lot – but WINTER is quickly on the way) … but I hope to VOTE tomorrow … [i]even the robocalls on our landline are about 3X worst than normal to steer us in right direction

    The whole world has gone mad — even mother nature[/i]) :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:



    [size=5][b]HOLY TOLEDO These storms roared thru like past 2 hurricanes … the herd & I had to hunker down during storms (but seems worst has past)

    Happy election TUESDAY to all & please vote today

    BREAKING NEWS ALERT –due to overcrowded polls a change has occurred like days of odd/even license plates during OPEC embargo — Republicans vote on TUE & Democrats will vote tomorrow ;)[/b][/size]


    be safe with those storms 🙂


    US treasury auctioned $27B of 10 year notes at high yield 3.209%, prior auction was 3.225%.

    Bid to cover comes in at 2.54x vs 2.39x last
    Direct 1.2%
    Indirect 73.8%
    Primary Dealers 25%
    Allotted at the high 18.43%

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