Market Weekly: Nov 26 – Dec 2 2018

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    [color=purple][size=5][i]Where have we been and where are
    Plus get ready for CHRISTMAS — just like the Clampets in 1962 – lol 8)…[/i][/size][/color]



    Seeing a lot of worried comments from people in the oil business in the Permian, Houston, Texas etc This happened very fast and took a lot of people by surprise and should it stay here or lower things will get ugly job wise. POTUS miscalculated, or most likely had no clue of the whole US oil biz. Volatile weeks ahead.


    [color=purple][size=5][i]GOOD MORNING — and HAPPY “CYBER-MONDAY” to all 8)
    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as we give thanks to our creator, family, & friends 🙂
    And guns were blazing all around as it is prime hunting season for the herd :woohoo:

    FUTURES are in GREEN (DOW +250) due to stabilizing OIL PRICES 😆
    The “Rattler” and I will have to watch DAYTON skies — as bitter COLD returns :pinch:
    Finally – hope for successful landing on MARS this afternoon from a new rover :kiss:
    Hope everyone has a great week ahead 8)[/i][/size][/color]


    [color=purple][size=5][b]EU Signed off on Brexit Sunday….
    UK PM May met with her Cabinet :[/i][/b]

    May’s spokesman

    PM to hose business leaders later today for Brexit update
    Cabinet discussed preparations for risk of leaving EU without a deal being ratified
    PM believes this deal being accepted is the best course of action
    If deal is voted down by parliament it will set in train a period of uncertainty
    If UK enters into backstop, we will be outside of EU fisheries policy and be in full control of whether French fishermen enter UK waters


    US October Chicago Fed national activity index +0.24 vs +0.14
    – prior revised down from +0.17

    Employment-related indicators contributed +0.19 to the CFNAI in October (vs +0.05 in September) as total non-farm payrolls rose by 250,000 after increasing by 118,000 in the previous month.

    Sales, orders, and inventories category to the CFNAI was unchanged at +0.04
    Production-related indicators moved down to +0.06 from +0.09.
    Personal consumption and housing category to the CFNAI ticked down to -0.05 in October from -0.04 in September.

    Chicago Fed National Activity Index in the United States averaged 0 from 1967 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 2.77 in September of 1983 and a record low of -5.22 in December of 1974.


    Dallas Fed November manufacturing activity 17.6 vs 29.4 prior
    – Reflects Collapse in Oil Prices


    [quote=”TradersCom” post=8888]Dallas Fed November manufacturing activity 17.6 vs 29.4 prior
    – Reflects Collapse in Oil Prices

    That is before the last week’s rout POTUS messed this one up pretty badly


    US sold $39 Billion 2-year notes at 2.836% vs 2.840% WI bid

    Prior 2..880%
    Bid-to-cover at 2.65 vs 2.67 prior

    US Treasury yields climbed higher in early afternoon trading as stocks continued to rally. Markets await comments from several Federal Reserve officials this week


    [size=6][b][color=green]Dow 24,640.24 354.29 1.46%
    S&P 500 2,673.45 40.89 1.55%
    Nasdaq 7,081.85 142.87 2.06%[/color]
    Gold 1,222.60 -0.60 -0.05%
    Oil 51.70 1.28 2.54%[/b][/size]

    [color=teal][size=6][b]YEAH — SUCCESSFUL LANDING ON MARS 8)



    China profits of industrial companies rose 3.6% y/y down from 4.1% rise in September

    Growth contuse to fall domestic demand weaker as tensions with the US are stifling growth.


    [color=teal][size=5][b]HAPPY TUESDAY & hope for a good day to all 8)
    FUTURES DOWN in our volatile markets :woohoo:
    DOW set to open about 100 points down 😳
    BRRRRR — BITTER COLD for me & the DEER in SW Virginia this morning :pinch:[/b][/size][/color]


    NASA’s INSIGHT stationary hi-tech LAB successfully landed & already beaming photos & data home to mother Earth 😉 8)


    US #Redbook sales
    YoY for november: 7.9% (Prev: 6.2%)
    MoM for november: 0.8% (Prev: 0.2%) #retail #BlackFriday


    [size=5][color=green][b]US Case-Shiller 20-city house price index +0.33% m/m vs +0.20% expected
    Prior was +0.09%

    Prices up 5.15% y/y vs +5.20% expected
    Prior y/y 5.53%
    National prices +5.51% y/y

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