Market Weekly: May 24 – 30 2020

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    Chief of the Joint Staff Department Li Zuocheng, also a member of the Central Military Commission.Top Chinese general says need to keep both peaceful and military options to resolve the “Taiwan issue”,.

    If the chance for “peaceful reunification” is gone, then China’s military will use all means to ensure the completeness of its territory he said

    Li was speaking at an event in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People marking 15 years of China’s Anti-Secession Law, which authorizes the use of force against Chinese-claimed Taiwan if China judges it to have seceded.

    via Reuters


    US wholesale inventories for April (P) 0.4% v. -0.7% estimate

    prior inventories -1% vs. -0.8% initially reported

    retail inventories -3.6% vs. -0.8% estimate
    prior retail inventories 1.2% vs. 1.0% from the previous release

    durable goods inventories fall by -0.2% month on month vs. 0.5% gain last month
    nondurable goods rose 1.3% vs. -3.3% last month
    excluding motor vehicle parts -1.1% vs. -0.8%


    Personal spending in the US plunged 13.6 percent month-over-month in April of 2020

    Prior Month downwardly revised 6.9 percent fall in March and worse than market forecasts of a 12.6 percent drop.
    It is the biggest decline on record as COVID-19 lockdown measures led to stores closures and restrain Americans from shopping.

    Personal income +10.5% vs -6.0% expected
    Prior personal income -2.2%

    PCE deflator m/m -0.5% vs -0.6% expected
    PCE deflator y/y +0.5% vs +0.5% expected
    PCE core deflator m/m -0.4% vs -0.3% expected
    PCE core deflator y/y +1.0% vs +1.1% expected

    Note personal income number higher due to the $600 top up to unemployment was higher than many min wages.

    Real spending decreased 13.2 percent, led by a decrease in food and beverages and spending for health care as well as food services and accommodations


    US April advance goods trade balance $-69.7 billion v. $-65.0 billion est
    Prior revised $-64.4 billion
    Year ago $-71.8 billion

    #exports -25.2% to $95.373 billion v $127.54 b prior
    #imports -14.3% to $165.048 billion v. $192.521 b prior


    May final U Mich consumer sentiment 72.3 v 74.0 expected
    Prelim 73.7
    April final 71.8

    Current conditions 82.3 v 83.0 prelim
    Expectations 65.9 v 67.7 prelim
    1-year inflation +3.2% v +3.0 prelim
    5-10 year inflation +2.7% v +2.6% prelim


    [color=brown][i][b]Chocolate-Bhutlah (aka the “Chocolate REAPER” as it packs 2M Scovilles)
    800X than Jalapeno – as I got 5 of these & hopeful for future chili
    and will try to order more if any are left later next week :woohoo:
    I was so thankful to meet professional grower in area – as good things still happen[/b][/i][/color]



    [size=5][b]Dow 25,383.11 -17.53 -0.07%
    [color=green]S&P 500 3,044.31 14.58 0.48%
    Nasdaq 9,489.87 120.88 1.29%[/color]
    GlobalDow 2,750.00 -13.81 -0.50%
    Gold 1,745.60 17.30 1.00%
    Oil 35.31 1.60 4.75%[/b][/size]


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