Market Weekly: May 24 – 30 2020

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    [color=purple][b][i]A few great songs of worship — for anyone interested
    1st song is all time FAV our daughter sung in high school play
    She was regional “all star” in choir & still has voice of angel – so it’s super-special
    2nd song is from Jazz artist who came to our church (best I’ve ever seen in person)
    3rd song by “Hillsong Worship” is excellent worship song (Aussie gospel group is awesome)
    4th song is ALL STAR tribute to George Harrison — Billy Preston with Eric Clapton, Ringo, etc[/i][/b][/color]


    and FAV song by Aussie gospel super-group “Hillsong Worship” 😆


    Memorial Day weekend


    Thanks for sharing – interesting do they have a form of communion in these times?


    [quote=”ThePitBoss” post=13615][size=5]IPO watch:[/size]

    The analyst quiet period expires on Lyra Therapeutics (NASDAQ:LYRA) on May 26.

    There are no new pricings scheduled, but IPOs expected around the corner include Chinese delivery platform Dada Nexus (DADA), fibrosis biotech Pliant Therapeutics (PLRX), immuno-oncology biotech Kiromic BioPharma (KRBP), grocery giant Albertsons (ACI), sales platform ZoomInfo (ZI) and micro-cap coffee packager NuZee (OTCQB:NUZE).[/quote]

    William Blair Starts Lyra Therapeutics (LYRA) at Outperform
    The analyst commented, “Lyra is a clinical-stage therapeutics company focused on the development and commercialization of novel integrated .

    BTIG Starts Lyra Therapeutics (LYRA) at Buy
    Lyra’s lead program, LYR-210, has a tubular mesh configuration with elastic properties that is designed to promote comfort as well as retention in …
    5 hours ago


    [color=limegreen][size=6][b]Dow 24,995.11 529.95 2.17%
    S&P 500 2,991.77 36.32 1.23%
    Nasdaq 9,340.22 15.63 0.17%
    GlobalDow 2,708.32 52.26 1.97%
    Gold 1,705.70 -29.80 -1.72%
    Oil 34.12 0.87 2.62% [/b][/size][/color]

    Hopefully MIRACLES ahead in terms of vaccine & economic recovery 😆

    Helmholtz Watson

    Two Russian Su-35 jets”unsafely” intercepted a US Navy P-8 patrol aircraft — US Navy statement:

    Two Russian Su-35 jets”unsafely” intercepted a US Navy P-8 patrol aircraft
    While flying over the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday

    Super Harley

    Tuesday Morning Another Retailer Files For Bankruptcy

    Discount retailer Tuesday Morning has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is looking to shut more than 200 of its nearly 700 stores.

    First, the Dallas-headquartered company is seeking court approval to shut at least 132 stores, which it says are either underperforming or are located in areas where another store is closeby. (Those addresses are listed below, based on a court filing.) It is also planning to shut its distribution center in Phoenix that supports these locations.

    Tuesday Morning said it expects the closures to take place over the summer.

    Meantime, the company said it ultimately plans to close another 100 stores in addition to the 132, leaving it with about 450 locations when it exits Chapter 11 in early fall. That is, if everything goes as planned.

    The closures by Tuesday Morning add to a glut of retail real estate that is going dark, permanently, amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 crisis forced many retailers’ stores to shut temporarily. But now, some are being forced shut permanently, as businesses grapple with how to keep running a company with fewer sales.

    J.C. Penney, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, is planning to close about 240 stores as part of its restructuring. Pier 1 Imports, which had filed for bankruptcy before the pandemic in February, is planning to liquidate its remaining stores after it could not find a buyer. L Brands is planning to close 250 Victoria’s Secret stores in 2020.

    “You now have Pier 1 and Tuesday Morning,” closing hundreds of stores altogether, said Bill Read, executive vice president at commercial real estate services firm Retail Specialists.

    “But one of the oldest tricks in the Chapter 11 game is to announce a large pool of store closings, but then to negotiate with landlords and end up with a smaller pool … because your receive better rental terms,” he said.


    [b]Tomorrow I hope to pick up some of following hot pepper plants
    I’ve just discovered a friend who grows exotic & super hot varieties in our area
    he is professional grower & has bunches of LEFT OVER plants

    I’ve already got bunches of HABs & a few ghosts of my own started for 2020
    Plants cost $3 each & are awesome bargain – best investment since OIL @-$35 – lol
    Very happy & thankful for something good on bucket list to come true 🙂
    Not many of #2 left — but get about 5 each in all other categories 8)

    [color=red]1. GHOST original world’s hottest from INDIA (1M+ Scoville)
    2. CAROLINA REAPER (2M+ Scoville)
    4. CARIBBEAN RED HABANEROS (only .5M+ Scoville)[/color]

    if lucky to get fruit later — each SEED of a Carolina Reaper is worth 25 cents 😆
    #2 & #3 are the hottest official peppers on planet :woohoo:
    unless you want to add pure tear gas to the “fire of mtn. chilli – lol 😆 [/b]


    [size=5][i]ECONOMY is turning back on – even with masks, & social distancing – lol
    SPACE-X was grounded due to BERTHA (another early tropical storm)[/i][/size]
    [size=6][color=green][b]Dow 25,548.27 553.16 2.21%
    S&P 500 3,036.13 44.36 1.48%
    Nasdaq 9,412.36 72.14 0.77%
    GlobalDow 2,749.64 41.77 1.54%
    Gold 1,712.30 6.70 0.39%
    Oil 31.84 -2.51 -7.31% [/b][/color][/size]


    [color=red][size=5][b]US durable goods orders for April (P) -17.2% v. -19.1% estimate
    prior month -16.6% vs. -15.3% previously reported[/b][/size][/color]

    ex transportation -7.4% vs. -15.0% estimate.
    Prior month -1.7% vs. -0.6% previously reported

    capital goods orders nondefense ex air -5.8% vs. -10.0% estimate.
    Prior month -1.1% vs. -0.8% previously reported.

    capital goods shipments nondefense ex air month -5.4% vs. -12.2% estimate.
    prior month was revised to -1.2% from -0.3%.

    Decline in durable goods was the most since August 2014


    US Q1 GDP (second reading) -5.0% v -4.8% expected

    The second estimate showed. It is the biggest drop in GDP since the last quarter of 2008 as the Covid-19 pandemic forced several states to impose lockdown measures in mid-March

    First reading was -4.8%
    Q4 2019 was +2.1%

    Final sales -3.7% vs -4.3% prelim
    Consumer spending -6.8% vs -7.6% prelim
    GDP deflator +1.6% vs +1.4% prelim
    Core PCE +1.6% vs +1.8% exp
    Gross private fixed investment -10.5% vs -5.6% prelim
    Investment in equipment -196.7% vs -15.2% prelim
    Exports -8.7% vs -8.7% prelim
    Imports -15.5% vs -15.3% prelim
    Government +0.8% vs +0.7% prelim


    [size=5][b]US 7-Year Notes Auction High Yield Rate: 0.553% WI: 0.544%
    prev 0.525%[/b][/size]

    – Bid-Cover Ratio: 2.55 (prev 2.56)
    – Direct Accepted: 12.4% (prev 12.3%)
    – Indirect Accepted: 63.6% (prev 66.4%)


    [size=5][b][color=red]Dow 25,400.64 -147.63 -0.58%
    S&P 500 3,029.73 -6.40 -0.21%
    Nasdaq 9,368.99 -43.37 -0.46%[/color]
    GlobalDow 2,764.46 17.36 0.63%
    Gold 1,732.10 5.30 0.31%
    Oil 33.51 0.70 2.13%[/b][/size]


    [b][color=red][size=4][i]WOW – Thankful to have purchased some of HOTTEST peppers on planet Earth
    … 2 carolina reapers, 5 chocolate reapers, 4 ghost, and 3 carribean red haberenos
    … and all you need is ONE or maybe HALF (lol) for an entire crockpot of chili

    Actually like the “Dutch tulips of the 1637 ponzi scheme”
    each dried seed of some of these are worth $.25 each
    I’ve already taken some neat photos
    but will not plant until final polar vortex of year crosses on SUNDAY
    as there is actually a FROST potential in mtns of Virginia[/i][/size][/color][/b]

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