Market Weekly: March 21 – 20 2026

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    [size=5][color=purple][i]Where have we been and where are we … wishing all safe & good week ahead
    We are going be in super-bad & bearish times — and must do best we can until success is gained
    After watching more scientific videos — including documentary of “what we know” about China — just
    watching one victim break out into coughing is enough for me to “social distance” as 10X more lethal than average
    and virus is so new everyone is vulnerable

    OIL @ $19 per barrel says it all … stocks 30-40% down & still falling … T-BILL troubles … mass U/E … list goes on :woohoo:

    For 1st wave, CHINA & Asia are 2 months ahead of USA & 1 month ahead of EUROPE
    Like regular flu & viruses – China has seen peak — as mass infections do dry up some in warmer temps
    Dr. Fauchi notes 6-8 week cycle — with dangers also after peak but more isolated thankfully

    Still Europe & USA have WORST coming — Italy is so wide open & so family oriented a lot of old folks got it
    And with lack of testing the STATs are FAR WORST than shown in public (esp. China, etc)

    May the force be with us …. all we can do is buckle in for a wild ride, be patient, and look after loved ones
    Plus OBEY all those excellent recommendations — even being careful when we get back to normal 🙂 [/i][/color].[/size]

    [size=5][b]NIH/CDC/John Hopkins — offical COVID-19 world-wide tracking site


    Hang in there BAMBI & company — better days are on the way late in Spring 🙂


    [size=5][color=red][color=red][b]US equity index futures opened limit down (5%) but bounced to be 3%

    The failure of US Congress/Senate to agree on the virus bill ot comforting.

    US Senate coronavirus bill failed to get enough votes as Democrats and Republicans unable to agree

    Note some US Senators are not on the floor for votes, they are self isolating after testing positive for the COVID-19[/b][/color][/color][/size]


    Sign of things to come?

    South Korea halt sell orders for program trading in KOSPI for 5minutes – circuit breaker

    Headline gives impression just buy orders allowedd


    Tonight’s Storytelling brought to you by The Chinese Communist Party :[/size]

    China’s Hubei Province Reports Zero New Cases Of COVID-19 As Of March 22
    Reports 9 New Deaths As Of March 22 Vs. 5 On March 21

    Fact or Fiction? #COVID19


    [color=purple][size=5]Good MONDAY morning to all … Senate failed to pass $2T bill as DEMs blocked passage

    and maybe even that might be good thing — as it’s probably best to spread out these massive bailouts into multiple parts — as so much pork was added that we DOUBLED from $1T to $2T — and it’s still not enough … Money should be targeted to[u] those unemployed & hardest hit businesses.[/u] … And Nancy even showed up to take this over for HOUSE to do the work & that delays getting help to those truly in need 🙁

    OPEC/Russia should also solve OIL crisis — because “[i]as goeth OIL — so goeth the markets” :woohoo:

    Futures Markets however went from LIMIT DOWN to “super green” as at least #45 & team are doing things rather than bickering over politics [/i][/size][/color]

    [color=green][b]Muchian & FED will put $4T of liquidity into markets to prop up during disaster as “loans”


    [color=red][i][b]PPPLLLUUUNNNGGGEEEEE —500 for DOW into 18,000 levels :ohmy:

    even that nice spike in FUTURES did not help …. as Congress can’t get act together to start with simple bill & get it fast tracked .. also just learned VP Joe will be doing daily “shadow updates” after #45 & team do their daily briefings — on how he’d do things differently & maybe better (as he’s not getting enough air time for 2020 campaign) :whistle: Our GOVT leaders must work together & give/take a little to unify against the pandemic … nuff said 😳 [/b][/i][/color]

    [b][color=red]DOW worst months in history
    Sept. 30, 1931 30.70
    March 20, 2020 24.54*
    April 29, 1932 23.68
    March, 31, 1938 23.67
    Oct. 30, 1987 23.22[/color][/b]


    [size=5]New word of day in the year of our Lord 2020 …. LOL 😆

    VIRUS REBELS 👿 👿 👿 = those who will not obey social distances “best practices” :sick:
    Spring Breakers, gatherings > 10 people, will not self-isolate, no concern for infecting others, poor hygiene, etc :woohoo:

    Years ago — I remember term “Darwin victims” meaning those who were so foolish :pinch:
    they did not hang around long enough to continue their lineage :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:[/size]


    [color=purple][b]Eurozone March advance consumer confidence not as bad as feared
    -11.6 vs -13.0 expected Prior -6.6

    In this environment can good economic news is overwhelmed by future hits from shutdowns and layoffs. Only 15% of responses were taken after widespread lockdowns. But still it was better than expected.[/b][/color]


    [color=purple][size=5][i]WOW – summary in listening to our Virginia Governor’s daily update
    he’s doing good job in Trump-like briefings (and features team in same way)
    (and one of better examples in DEM party – at least in recent times – lol)
    All schools closed for rest academic year
    All entertainment + sports closed
    Work from home is a must (if one has that opportunity)
    Anything publicly open = social distance + extra santitation
    Essential services open: grocery, banks, etc. remain open
    Extreme sacrifice & patience & care needed[/i][/size][/color]



    [size=5][color=red][b]Dow 18,591.93 -582.05 -3.04%
    S&P 500 2,237.40 -67.52 -2.93%
    Nasdaq 6,860.67 -18.84 -0.27%
    GlobalDow 2,138.97 -98.16 -4.39%
    Gold 1,569.70 2.10 0.13%
    Oil 24.06 0.70 3.00%[/b][/color][/size]


    [size=5]FUTURES locked up 5% as DOW will start 1,000 higher or more — with possible approval of Senate bill? Senate bill is 500 pages

    But the “Pelosi-Virus” arrived in District of Crime — as Nancy flew in with 1,000 pages (loaded with



    DOW +1400 — hope we can spell R-E-L-I-E-F soon 🙂


    India announces total ban on leaving the home starting at midnight for 3 weeks

    Indian PM Modi has announced a total lockdown of India for 21 days to stop the virus. Though much of this has already occurred demand wise it is another hit to global demand.

    Means 17.5% of the world’s population., 1.3 billion people in lockdown i

    India is also responsible for 5% of global oil demand, 4% for metals and 4-5% of global GDP. Oil demand in 2019 was 4.7 million barrels per day.

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