Market Weekly: Mar 26 Mar 30 2018

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    and ROSEANNE is gonna “MAKE TV GREAT AGAIN” 😉 8)


    ABC’s Roseanne reboot delivered premiere demo ratings we haven’t seen on broadcast TV in awhile.


    I rarely watch TV as we cut KORD in 2013 … but may look up when the next show will broadcast … and hook up TV for local channels to watch myself & give a vote of support 🙂


    I haven’t watched it, don’t have the time

    what was interesting was that people were like, finally a “conservative” show
    apparently they forgot Tim Allen’s show ‘Last Man Standing’
    you should check out the reruns of that show CI, you would like it (I see it on CMT)

    and just as I go to double check the spelling of his name, I see this 🙂


    [b][color=blue]TUESDAY 8PM is regular schedule
    The hound & I definitely plan to watch next one
    as I like the theme, it’s 1st show ever that was pro-45, and want to help spike up ratings – lol[/color] 8)


    My bride & me missed last night as got home too late … I’ll research ABC site later to see if they have a free “streaming” facility for old episodes (that’s the way I liked watching some sci-fi series in past (Terra Nova & Revolution) … But if the TV rating service were to call –I’m tempted to put me, my better half, and the hound in column of the 25,000,000 – lol…


    Roseanne Barr hopes to teach tolerance and compassion in the next installment of her ABC sitcom.

    On Tuesday’s episode of Roseanne, a Muslim family living next door to the Conners elicits such fear in Roseanne that she starts to believe they’re about to build a bomb out of fertilizer piled near their garage.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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