Market Weekly: Mar 19 Mar 23 2018

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    I’m not gonna make it through lunch
    should hold green ……….but who knows with the 2 pm club


    The student who opened fire on two fellow students at Great Mills High Schools in St. Mary’s County, Md., Tuesday morning has died after an officer stationed inside the school pursued him and fired a round at him, local police confirmed during a press conference Tuesday morning.


    ^^^ +3 — Thankfully an armed resource officer was there — had proper courage & stopped the situation QUICKLY … While I’m not for arming teachers universally, there is still a need to & even have weapons available on emergency basis (even if one has to load ammo to make things even safer) … Schools need to be defended like our airline system (with fortified doors, metal detectors, and even an armed TSA passenger If needed). That model worked verses the Florida tragedy — but today’s courageous actions won’t make the “fake news” rounds as it goes against what they are preaching — And maybe old #45 needs to give him the civilian medal of honor.


    A3 and the PPT and TWO O’CLOCK CLUB are buying on the dip today … even though the FED is poised to do a 25 BPS


    At the close
    Dow +0.48% to 24,728.59. S&P +0.13% to 2,716.38. Nasdaq +0.28% to 7,364.88.
    Treasurys: 30-year -0.43%. 10-yr -0.18%. 5-yr -0.11%.
    Commodities: Crude +2.24% to $63.52. Gold -0.58% to $1,310.20.
    Currencies: Euro -0.73% vs. dollar. Yen +0.39%. Pound +0.21%.

    You like 2 pm rallies? lol

    CI, imagine how well we would be doing if we were day traders
    heck – just the open, lunch, 2pm and close traders




    STORMY weather, markets, and even “daniels” (who passed the lie detector test for things that may have happened dozen years ago — but could there be “false” readings – nuff said – lol)


    Thank God the 2018 version of Unibomber in AUSTIN TEXAS has been found & stopped forever more on this madness … in the world of smartphones, webcams, and DNA testing — it is almost like the great novel “1984” where big brother is watching you — and criminals can be more quickly discovered


    [b]Stocks are bouncing from RED to GREEN — and relatively FLAT this morning … as ALL EYES are upon the FED now … and how HAWISH or DOVESH – they might be for future after the 25 BPS move

    The DOVE has packed up & a new HAWK is in town 😉 :)[/b]


    EIA Petroleum Inventories: Crude -2.6M barrels vs. +2.6M consensus, +5.0M last week.
    Gasoline -1.7M barrels vs. -2.0M consensus, -6.3M last week.
    Distillates -2.0M barrels vs. -1.7M consensus, -4.4M last week.

    Feb. Existing Home Sales: +3.0% to 5.54M vs. consensus 5.420M, 5.380M previous.

    Q4 Current Account: -$128.2B vs. -$126.8B consensus, -$101.5B (revised from $100.6B)

    MBA Mortgage Applications
    Composite Index: -1.1.% vs. +0.9% (W/W).
    Purchase Index: +1.0% vs. +3.0%.
    Refinance Index: -5.0% vs. -2.0%
    30 year mortgage rate at 4.68% vs. 4.69%.


    FOMC as expected – Blame Putin or Facebook I forget ….


    I think projecting hikes for 2018 and 2019 by new FED chief helped calmed nerves … FOMC is trying to get ahead of curve so it doesn’t have to do like Volker did to contain inflation during Carter years
    Dow Jones Industrial Average 24,682.31 −44.96 (0.18%)
    S&P 500 Index 2,711.93 −5.01 (0.18%)
    Nasdaq Composite 7,345.28 −19.02 (0.26%)[/color][/b]
    Russell 2000 Index 1,579.30 +8.90 (0.57%)


    Trump set for China tariff announcement on Thursday


    Bill Gross: The Fed won’t be able to hike rates as high as they’d like


    9:01 AM ET

    S&P -1.04%.
    10-yr +0.23%.
    Euro -0.2% vs. dollar.
    Crude -0.78% to $64.66.
    Gold +0.61% to $1,329.60.
    Bitcoin -3.33% to $8,706.

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