Market Weekly: Mar 12 Mar 16 2018

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    Helmholtz Watson

    Resilience is impressive with the constant battering the latest Mueller going after Trump Inc now – where is that red line? His son getting a divorce – is that from pressure and stress, the guys become a dick or a way to protect assets for the 5 kids?


    Prayers for 7 service men lost in Iraq helicopter crash (possibly running into electrical wires?) … and for bridge collapse victims in Florida (6 was latest count)


    Big move on oil today = see if a clean break next week.


    ^^^ +1 and yes OIL + equities making some small gains — ahead of next weeks FED “1st day of Spring” meeting where 25 BPS increase will likely take place as the “FED springs forward with their 1st increase of 2018”?


    [color=green][b]and HAPPY ST PADDYs DAY to all tomorrow


    [color=limegreen][size=5][b]SUPER GREEN FINISH for day

    Dow Jones Industrial Average 24,946.51 +72.85 (0.29%)
    S&P 500 Index 2,752.01 +4.68 (0.17%)
    Nasdaq Composite 7,481.99 +0.25 (0.0033%)
    Russell 2000 Index 1,586.05 +9.43 (0.60%)[/b][/size][/color]


    above average volume today, that is a good sign


    [size=5][i][color=purple][i]My better half got some of best deli meat to make Reubens from best deli in SW VA (link below)
    pound of kosher corn beef & other meats incredients … plus some slaw, fresh hot peppers, etc[/i][/color][/i]

    New Yorker Deli


    [color=brown]st. Patrick’s Day REUBEN recipe
    Toasted Rye Bread ([i]bake in oven & coat real butter is option)
    Kosher Sliced Corn Beef
    1000 Island dressing
    Swiss cheese
    (option) please add Hot Peppers on mine 8)[/i][/color][/size]


    that be good dinner while watching the basketball game (although it would be a late dinner)
    add some green beer and ur good to go




    Luck is a funny thing
    as a poker player, specially early in a career one hears a lot about luck
    I myself get called lucky ………all the time (also donkey, asshat and many other names)
    but the thing I learned is you can get lucky but if u can’t make anything from it what is the point.

    Luck and opportunity go hand and hand
    if someone sits on their ass while luck hits them in the face they will never walk through the door taking them to a better place.


    some guy on Twitter tweeted

    Protectionism Starts To Hurt: Capital Equip import prices highest in ten years! @LanceRoberts @TheBubbleBubble

    It made its rounds to me because I follow @theBubbleBubble
    As someone who loves to factcheck, I did

    I followed it up with

    highest % change in ten years is what you meant to say
    the rest of the world will be looking at this chart

    oops, so much for that narrative


    Like your post on luck – I think luck matters when you cease the opportunity as you say – and that isn’t luck whether you cease it – @thebubblebubble the end of the world specialist been sprouting it for years he will be right when it eventually crashes but the fear and missed opportunity in between?

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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