Market Weekly: July 9 – 16 2018

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    Where have we been and where are we…



    Wishing everyone a safe week back from holidays. Hurricane season is here and seems appropriate with Trade wars and Iran v America in full fling.

    Earnings keep off with the evil banksters on Friday.

    Enjoy 🙂


    [color=purple][b]YAY — 1st two boys rescued from Thailand caves … Prayerfully hoping for full sucess for all 8)


    Thank you some wonderful news from the other side of the world 🙂


    Thank you for the top 10 – was out most of last week so great catch up – How about Biogin the Top stock last week:

    From Marketwatch:

    Biogen Inc. shares surged more than 18% Friday after the biotechnology company and Tokyo-based Eisai Co. Ltd. announced positive results from a mid-stage trial of a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.’

    The final analysis at 18 months of the 856-patient Phase 2 clinical study of BAN2401 in early Alzheimer’s disease demonstrated statistically significant slowing in cognitive decline and reduction of amyloid beta accumulated in the brain, the companies said in a release late Thursday.

    Amyloid beta are the protein fragments that are found in the brains of patients suffering from the disease and that some believe cause it.
    “New data provide compelling evidence to further support amyloid hypothesis as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease,” the companies said.

    “We will discuss these very encouraging results with regulatory authorities to determine the best path forward,” said Lynn Kramer, chief clinical officer and chief medical officer, neurology, at ESALY, +21.52%

    Analysts mostly welcomed the news, especially after earlier data from the trial that proved disappointing.

    Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and affects about 50 million people worldwide, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. There is still no cure for the disease or way to stop its progression, although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved some medications to treat symptoms related to memory loss, language and other thought processes.

    “While few specifics are available, we believe these results offer patients some hope as they lift the sentiment around the potential to find a treatment for slowing disease progression in Alzheimer’s (in which no product has worked so far), and more specifically around the anti-amyloid approach toward AD (which has seen several failed attempts in the past),” Canaccord analyst Sumant Kulkarni wrote in a note.

    For investors, the results are likely a pleasant surprise after a 12-month review of the data had “failed” in the same trial, said Kulkarni. The analyst is making no changes to Biogen’s BIIB, +19.63% model, which does not include any value for BAN2401.

    “That said, we believe the thesis around our recent upgrade of BIIB is now firmly on track, and we are reiterating our buy,” he wrote.
    Mizuho analyst Salim Syed, who also rates Biogen a buy, asked whether the news could help propel the stock back toward the $400 level again soon.

    “As of last night and prior to the BIIB BAN2401 news, the stock was sitting again at $300,” Syed wrote in a note. “BAN2401 is a more advanced dataset than Aducanumab’s PRIME Ph 1B trial.”

    Aducanumab is another Biogen treatment for Alzheimer’s that is currently in Phase 3 trials. Aducanumab is an antibody that clings to amyloid beta and reduces their ability to develop into plaques.

    But Leerink analyst Geoffrey Porges took a more downbeat view of the data, noting a lack of detail from a complex trial.


    [color=purple][b]A “dreamy” Hillary may make a final bid in 2020 :whistle: … although I wouldn’t rule out 2024 – lol 😉 :woohoo:

    Helmholtz Watson

    The sense of entitlement of this woman is truly amazing – I cannot understand how Democrat voters are not seeing the same and that she cost them – most likely – a victory if another more viable opponent ran. As much as they hate Trump who is she not to blame. Rant over – am just dumbfounded with our politics these days

    Helmholtz Watson

    On another note I posted a few articles on Brexit and France – the world is getting messier by the day with BREXIT, trade wars and the rest of it. Stay grounded community.


    ECB’s Draghi Comments

    Underlying fundamentals remain solid
    Underlying inflation is expected to pick up
    Risks to growth remain broadly balanced
    Time will come when we need to move to neutral monetary policy
    Our confidence in the inflation path is rising
    Our measures are playing a decisive role in bringing inflation back on track to reach target

    Reiterates ECB sees rates unchanged at least through summer 2019
    Reiterates ECB commitment to reinvestment policy


    Good Monday morning … STOCKS are SOARING in GREEN territory …. DOW up 270 points 8)


    Big Blowout on consumer debt:

    US May consumer credit $24.559B vs $12.00B expected

    Big rise in consumer credit outstanding
    Revolving (i.e. credit cards) +$9.75B
    Non-revolving (i.e. car loans) +$14.81B


    [color=purple”>Great Rebound on WALL ST … … Fixing a special pizza now for all of us, including Rudolph the pug … for the SCOTUS reality show @ 9pm – lol 😆 … either Brett or Amy would be excellent choices 🙂 … but, sadly by 9:01 pm EDT — any choice will be attacked furiously 🙁


    [color=purple][b]+1 for BRETT 8) … Brett-Kavanaugh is excellent & highly experienced SCOTUS pick (safe choice among 4 finalists)… he has excellent credentials, family, and great intro speech … he has vote of Bambi & me – lol


    [color=purple][b]WOW – I stand corrected … as media actually started attacking SCOTUS nominee BEFORE 9:01 EDT — as ABC is noted in attached link of starting early with critique .. still hopefully a fair hearing & vote will occur in coming weeks


    [color=purple][b]YAY — All 12 boys + COACH now rescued from Thailand caves 8)

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