Market Weekly: July 31-Aug-04-2017

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    with CI talking autos, thought it was fitting to get next weeks market weekly out early as it will have vehicle sales for July. And unlike CI’s posts, US auto sales are expected to disappoint.


    Also for CITESLA reports Q2 earnings after the market close Wednesday just as production ramps up on the Model 3.

    Given the past performance I have doubts over Tesla’s ability to reach its ambitious production goals as deliveries fell to 22,000 in Q2 from 25,000 in Q1

    The losses are impressive – not that seems to matter to $TSLA and $NDX zealots 🙂 Consensus estimates for Q2 per-share see losses widening to $1.80 from $1.61 a year ago.

    Helmholtz Watson

    Great Job A3 as always – great Mad Men Pic and quote – reminds me I am getting my sifter out as we speak


    [quote=”CautiousInvestor” post=425][size=5][color=green]My idea of perfect electric car is to take best battery technology in world (probably Telsa currently) and blend with best solar panels in the world … The car can charge up in the parking lot and you’ll be completely off the grid … and if you have days of unending rain — then still plug in for an AC charge as needed. Both solar & battery technology must advance to make this practical.

    I’m hopeful one day in the future a solar powered electric car can emerge as a cost-effective & green technology solution 8) … just like when chocolate & peanut butter ran into each other to become a Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cup :)[/color][/size][/quote]

    [quote=”TradersCom” post=428] Am thinking that the battery has to be able to do 500 miles per charge and then its the game changer for the automobile[/quote]

    that is the thing that is separating North America from anywhere else deep state into electric cars, charging stations. If they don’t get the battery to go far enough, trips across the midwest or farmland Canada is gonna leave ya stuck – and hoping cellphone picks up a signal.


    [quote=”Helmholtz Watson” post=431]Great Job A3 as always – great Mad Men Pic and quote – reminds me I am getting my sifter out as we speak[/quote]


    my first real job when I was 16 I was doing 40 hr work weeks (in the summer)
    made going back to school so difficult but did prepare me for when I was doing 10 hr night shifts

    I’m not old by no stretch, but now I understand what old people mean when they say today’s society have no idea how hard it was. Make no mistake, I do realize how some people are living on the edge, but most of that is self made, political voting and a life choice. People use to have to work hard because that is what was required.


    ^^^ +1s and +3s … Thanking the editor-and-chief plus great reporters here — for excellent look at the week ahead — that is for those who are brave enough to look, at these lofty P/E levels 😉 🙂


    Good Samaritan dirt debut beat the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners

    why didn’t I get the finish line you ask?
    so I could include the other horses

    Helmholtz Watson

    So we get a North Korean missile then a little fly by from the US Airforce as a warning.

    This from U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley putting it on the ineptitude of the United Nations Security Council and no doubt China.

    “An additional Security Council resolution that does not significantly increase the international pressure on North Korea is of no value. In fact, it is worse than nothing, because it sends the message to the North Korean dictator that the international community is unwilling to seriously challenge him. China must decide whether it is finally willing to take this vital step,”

    And the week hasn’t started yet


    DOW Futures are up … but Icarus with those “wings of wax” better be careful not to FLY TOO HIGH 😉 8)

    Heidi Tait

    Still walking up these dam stairs Shep….


    Stairway to heaven ?


    Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey: 16.8 vs. 13.0 consensus and 13.0 prior.
    Production: +22.8 vs. +12.3 prior.
    Capacity Utilization: +18.1 vs. +12.3 prior.
    New Orders: +16.1 vs. +9.6 prior.

    June Pending Home Sales: +1.5% vs. +0.9% expected, -0.7% prior (revised).
    Pending Home Sales Index: 110.2 vs. 108.6 prior (revised)

    July Chicago PMI: 58.9 vs. 61.0 consensus, 65.7 prior.


    IN Gen. John F. Kelly, the retired four-star Marine general sworn in Monday as White House chief of staff

    OUT Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role

    looks like there could be some structure happening at the WH
    better late then never


    June Prices Index for agricultural production MoM -0.1% YoY +4.6%

    The crop production index +0.3% M/M to 87.2
    The livestock index +0.6% to 107.3.
    Food grains -1.0% M/M and +1.7% Y/Y.
    Feed grains -0.2% M/M and -10.0% Y/Y.
    Oilseeds -1.5% M/M and -10.0% Y/Y.
    Fruits and nuts +19.0% M/M and +0.3% Y/Y.
    Other crop +2.2% M/M and +2.5% Y/Y.

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