Market Weekly: July 16 – 24 2018

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    Where have we been and where are we…



    Have a great week all – lots to work off – earnings season heats up – Trump and Putin hang out, EU and China talk trade Powell fronts the Senate and House and who knows what surprises are in store.


    I like the new currency charts thanks – great overview – have a great week all


    [color=purple][b]FIFA WORLD CUP … FRANCE 4 verses CROATIA 2 …

    However, Wild & routy celebrations in Paris & other cities beyond even what we see when USA cities win Super Bowl or other sports events


    This year’s summit in some ways echoes the 1990 Helsinki Summit when George H.W. Bush of the US met Mikhail Gorbachev, at the time still leader of the Soviet Union in September of that year. Topics on the table at that summit included the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait earlier that summer.


    [color=teal][b]^^^^ +1s @TC … in some ways, this is far worst than 1990, as back then MSM had respect for office of President … rather than take every action & find most negative aspect … some of this is indeed self-made based on 3am tweets, calling out fake news, etc. — in fighting battles on behalf of changes … I definitely don’t agree with all actions, but

    1. London Trump “baby” balloon + protests coverage being more important than meeting itself 👿
    2. He sat in Winston Churchill’s chair :woohoo:
    3. #45 and Putin must not be in room alone :ohmy:
    4. top priority is voter fraud + collusion (even above Ukraine, etc) — but all this was under #44’s watch ? :whistle:
    5. compliments Russia on a great World Cup series (as ice breaker) … and did not immediately pounce on issues
    ….. and many more examples :side: [/b] [/color]


    The negativity is fueled hate and cant be good for the overall psyche – its almost when it all gets pushed over it will be like I told you so!


    Perhaps more self loathing is appropriate as after all it a constant degrading of one’s own country


    US June advance retail sales +0.5% vs +0.5% expected, Prior +0.8% (revised to +1.3%)

    Ex autos +0.4% vs +0.3% exp, Prior ex autos +0.9% (revised to +1.4%)
    Ex autos and gas +0.3% vs +0.4% exp, Prior ex autos and gas +0.8% (revised to +1.3%)
    Control group 0.0% vs +0.4% exp, Prior control group +0.5% (revised to +0.8%)


    US July Empire manufacturing index 22.6 vs 21.0 expected, Prior 25.0

    New orders index dipped three points to 18.2,
    Shipments index fell nine points to 14.6,
    Delivery 6.0 vs 13.2
    inventories -4.3 vs 5.3
    Employment 17.2 vs 19.0 last
    Average workweek 5.6 vs 12.0 last
    Prices Paid 42.7 vs 52.7 last
    Priced received 22.2 vs 23.3 last
    Unfilled orders 0.0 vs 9.3 last

    Expectations 6-months ahead
    General business conditions 31.1 vs 38.9
    New orders 37.2 vs 33.4 last
    Shipments 33.5 vs 40.7
    Employment 24.2 vs 25.9 last
    Avg work week. 4.3 vs 1.6 last
    Cap Ex 17.1 vs 27.1 last
    Tech Spending 9.4 vs 17.1 last


    US May business inventories +0.4% vs +0.4% expected
    Prior +0.3%


    Putin opening statement after summit

    US and Russia facing different problems than in Cold War
    I believe it’s time to start a dialogue on nuclear arms balance
    Recommended re-establishing global anti-terrorism group
    US and Russia positions did not coincide on all issues
    We’re glad that Korean peninsula issue is starting to resolve
    Have some concern about US leaving Iran nuclear deal
    Russia is not going to meddle in US politics
    We’re happy with first full-scale talks with Trump


    Trump opening statement after Summit

    Meetings were deeply productive and went very well
    Have agreed to maintain open security communication to prevent radical Islamic terrorism
    We have just about eradicated ISIS in Middle East
    Today’s meeting is only the beginning of a longer process but we’ve taken the first steps toward a brighter future
    We will be competing on LNG as a supplier to Europe
    Russia probe is a disaster for our country, there was no collusion
    ‘I beat Hillary Clinton easily’, it’s a shame there could be even a little cloud over it
    Russia probe is ridiculous


    US reporter asked Putin to answer to claims Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

    Trump responded to the question for Putin for several minutes, including to defend, again, his election win. Then, Putin spoke.

    Putin said: “Where did you get the idea that Trump trusts me or I trust him?”
    Putin says they are looking for “points of contact” and that the presidents are looking for a way to reconcile their differences.

    Putin: “We should be guided by facts. Can you name a single fact that would definitively prove collusion? This is nonsense.”


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