Market Weekly: Aug 27 – Sep 2 2018

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    US June CoreLogic Case-Shiller 20-city house price index
    +0.11% vs +0.20% expected, Prior +0.2% (revised to +0.21%)

    20-city index +6.31% y/y vs +6.40% exp
    National index 6.24% vs 6.38% prior

    Helmholtz Watson

    Richmond Fed manufacturing index 24 versus 17 expected, prior 20

    Other Indices

    capacity utilization 18 versus 8 last month

    shipments index +23 versus +16 last month
    volume of new orders 25 versus 22 last month
    backlog of orders 15 versus 4 last month
    services revenue index +31 versus +23 in July
    services expenditures 12 versus 16 last month

    number of employees 28 versus 26 last month
    wages 43 versus 43 last month
    vendor lead time 35 versus 17 last month
    local business conditions 13 versus 18 last month
    capital expenditures 21 versus 25 last month
    finished goods inventories for versus town last month
    raw materials inventories 15 versus 20 last month
    equipment and software 19 versus 18 last month

    The Richmond Fed Notes:

    Fifth District manufacturing activity expanded in August, according to results of the most recent survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. The composite index rose from 20 in July to 24 in August, as all three components (shipments, new orders, and employment) increased. Respondents remained optimistic in August, expecting growth to continue in the coming months.

    Employment and wages continued to rise, yet manufacturing firms continued to struggle to find workers with the skills they needed, as this indicator dropped to −17, its lowest value on record. Firms expect this struggle to continue in the next six months but anticipate sustained employment growth as well.

    Respondents reported slower growth in both prices paid and prices received in August as the rise in prices paid continued to outpace growth of prices received. However, firms expect this gap to narrow in coming months, anticipating further slowing of growth in prices paid but accelerated growth of prices received.

    Helmholtz Watson

    US sells $37 billion five-year notes at high yield of 2.765%, Prior 2.764%
    Directs accepted came in at 9.0% (8.7% last)
    Indirects came in at 66.2% (67.2% last)
    Bid to cover came in at 2.49x. below the 2.61x prior and below 3 month average of 2.56x.
    Lowest bid to cover since April


    [size=5][color=limegreen][b]Dow 26,064.02 14.38 0.06%
    S&P 500 2,897.52 0.78 0.03%
    Nasdaq 8,030.04 12.14 0.15%
    Gold 1,208.10 -6.30 -0.52%
    Oil 68.54 0.01 0.01%

    OHHHH THE HUMANITY 😉 :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: [/b][/color][/size]


    US MBA mortgage applications w.e. 24 August -1.7% vs +4.2% prior

    Purchase index 230.1 vs 232.1 prior
    Market index 344.0 vs 349.9 prior
    Refinancing index 952.9 vs 982.7 prior
    30-year mortgage rate 4.78% vs 4.81% prior


    Italy bubbling again:

    La Stampa reported today that a government representative called on the ECB to pass a new program of QE to shield Italy’s debt from speculator. In response Italian Dep. PM Di Maio says Italy not asking for help from anyone after asked about the report. He added if there were to be a speculative attack it would be politically motivated, not economically.


    US July pending home sales -0.7% vs +0.3% m/m expected, Prior +0.9% m/m (revised to +1.0%)
    Sales -0.5% y/y vs -2.5% expected


    US sells 7 year notes at high yield of 2.844%, prev 2.85%

    Bid to cover:2.65x v 2.49x last and highest since January 2.73x
    Direct bids: 19.0% vs 12.0% last
    Indirect bids: 59.5% vs 64.6% last
    Primary dealers: 21.53%


    Argentina Peso collapsing again today also – to a record low v the dollar – there are many problems and bubbles popping


    [quote=”MoneyNeverSleeps” post=7724]Argentina Peso collapsing again today also – to a record low v the dollar – there are many problems and bubbles popping[/quote]

    Only thing worse than begging for a loan is begging for it early in front of the whole world


    [size=6][color=limegreen][b]SUPER GREEN
    as the WALL ST BULLS jump over the moon 8)
    Dow 26,124.57 60.55 0.23%
    S&P 500 2,914.04 16.52 0.57%
    Nasdaq 8,109.69 79.65 0.99%
    Gold 1,212.60 1.10 0.09%
    Oil 69.67 0.16 0.23% [/b][/color][/size]

    Helmholtz Watson

    At what point does the EM implosion resonate with the US markets …..

    Helmholtz Watson

    Jitters around the world with trade Wars and Emerging Markets But we have Amazon to save us all – Over $2000 For forst Time!!!

    Open 1,997.42
    High 2,009.67
    Low 1,986.90
    Mkt cap 941.13B
    P/E ratio 181.13

    Is there just a bit of a disconnect?


    Atlanta Fed Q3 GDPNow Lowered To 4.1% vs 4.6% prior

    “The nowcast of the contribution of net exports to third-quarter real GDP growth declined from -0.26 percentage points to -0.64 percentage points and the nowcast of third-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth declined from 16.1 percent to 15.5 percent,” t


    Barclay’s raised its Q3 GDP tracker to 2.9% from 2.8%
    Goldman Sachs raised it’s estimate to 3.0% from 2.9%

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