Market Weekly: April 27 – May 3 2020

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    [color=green][b][size=5]Dow 24,633.86 532.31 2.21%
    S&P 500 2,939.51 76.12 2.66%
    Nasdaq 8,914.71 306.98 3.57%
    GlobalDow 2,689.09 64.66 2.46%
    Gold 1,729.90 7.70 0.45%
    Oil 15.39 3.05 24.72%[/size][/b][/color]

    STOCKS & OIL may “find their way back home” if we get lucky


    [size=5][i]And a good & safe THUR to all … DOW off minus 200 :pinch:
    U/E # this morning = 3.8 MILLION this week & 30 MILLION overall :woohoo:
    From BEST to WORST U/E & economy of all time in 2 months :ohmy:

    As good news “Fakebook”, Telsa, and MIcrosoft all surprised more to upside than excepted

    Found another nice “gem” on U-Tube play list for some great guitar work 8)[/i][/size]


    COMET SWAN was recently discovered (as COMET ATLAS split into fragments …. as 2020 is year of RAT, BAT, and COMET – lol

    Comet SWAN (C/2020 F8) is brightening rapidly. “I just came in from observing it with the naked eye,” reports John Drummond of Gisborne, New Zealand. “It seems to have increased in brightness dramatically since I last saw it a few nights ago.” Indeed, multiple observers have now pegged the comet at magnitude +5.5, just within the range of naked-eye visibility. Comet SWAN will make its closest approach to Earth on May 12th at a distance of 0.56 AU. That’s not very close, but it could be a good show anyway. If current trends continue, the comet will brighten to 3rd magnitude or better, similar to the stars of the Pleiades. Observers in the southern hemisphere will have little trouble seeing it as it glides through the constellation Pisces. Much about Comet SWAN remains unknown. It was discovered only a few weeks ago, on April 11th

    Helmholtz Watson

    [color=red][size=5][b]US 2 year yield lowest level since 2011 at 0.174%. after Fed and ECB Meetings

    Low in 2011was 0.1431%.


    [size=5][color=red][b]Dow 24,345.72 -288.14 -1.17%
    S&P 500 2,912.43 -27.08 -0.92%
    Nasdaq 8,889.55 -25.16 -0.28%
    GlobalDow 2,661.71 -25.46 -0.95%
    Gold 1,693.30 -20.10 -1.17%


    [i][size=5]YAY – FRIDAY is here & hope all have a great day & weekend ahead
    DOW is down about -400 as some earning season concerns & outlook are of concern

    Continuing to plant the victory gardens & seeing some nice young plants coming along 😆
    Bambi & herd do no like MUSTARD GREENs & it is growing abundantly without fencing even :whistle:
    Onions, green beans, and even a few early tomato plants are growing
    Even doing some tree transplanting as found Japanese Maple seedings (which is expensive tree)
    Also wild “morel” mushrooms are being found & these are edible
    Life is good — esp. if we can distract ourselves from the COVID-19 “blues” 8)

    Time for a little “Disco Friday” (as better half & me love that format as well)[/size][/i]–Lw


    Happy “MAY DAY” to all


    [color=purple][b]COVID-19 – some further thoughts based on medical & scientific videos
    It will be a little worst than originally predicted … and folks can Monday morning QB this
    but this virus was more lethal & capable of spreading than anyone imagined
    so it took ALL by surprise (including even #45, media, and medical experts

    Still #45 took action more promptly than most — once we learned this was worst than flu
    NY & CA governors made nursing homes “take” COVID-19 folks & some mistakes made
    and in NYC subway was reduced by 90% overcrowding cars — and list can go on & on

    As Northern hemisphere improves, it will break out more in Southern hemisphere
    (at least based on ‘survival in the wild’ … as summer dries out virus
    and winter down under improves virus capability to spread .
    Still – new treatments & vaccines are on the way

    I wish this was a “bad dream” rather than like this classic sci-fi movie 8)[/b][/color]


    [size=5][b][color=red]Dow 23,723.69 -622.03 -2.55%
    S&P 500 2,830.71 -81.72 -2.81%
    Nasdaq 8,604.95 -284.60 -3.20%
    GlobalDow 2,604.17 -59.26 -2.22%[/color]
    Gold 1,708.00 13.80 0.81%
    Oil 19.71 0.87 4.62%[/b][/size]


    Tesla stock tanks after Elon Musk tweets the stock price is ‘too high’

    Shares of Tesla dropped Friday after CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company’s shares are priced “too high.”

    Musk has faced problems from the SEC for tweeting about the company’s stock in the past and agreed to submit public statements for vetting.

    Musk also said he was “selling almost all physical possessions” and to give people back their freedom, presumably referring to shelter-in-place orders.

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