Market Weekly: April 12 – 18 2020

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    [color=purple][b][i]Where have we been and where are we … wishing all a good safe & healthy week ahead
    And building up immunity is helpful along with social distance & good hygiene 8)
    Taking some extra vitamins (good multiple vitamin) … C, Zinc, etc.
    won’t prevent — but might make for MILDER case …
    and masks are helpful even if virus particles can sneak thru
    The virus has a good chance of “drying up” in summer but W.H.O. knows whats ahead – lol ;)[/i][/b][/color]


    And hope all had great Easter & other holy days this week — and song of celebration follows 8)


    [color=purple][i][b]Good MONDAY morning to all & Hope this is a good & safe week for all ๐Ÿ˜†
    DOW FUTURES have been gradually improving from -340 to -60 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Super T-Storms & flooding rains swept thru SW Virginia but far most devastating in deep south :ohmy:

    Once simple & better “instant” testing arrives — that is answer to safely get back to work
    I still wonder if I’ve watched too many SCI-FI movies & am dreaming or is this for real? :sick:

    Hope all had great Easter — even though church & remote family encounters are more “virtual” these days
    We mainly need tons of patience & just do best you can in day ahead — rather than worry about future
    The brightest folks in world are working on this — plus prayers abound everywhere — so help is on the way :)[/b][/i][/color]

    Ohhhhhh the humanity – lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:


    [color=green][size=5][b]US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin ays administration wants a bipartisan bill for further small business relief

    says we’re ahead of schedule on delivering checks in the mail to Americans
    says he expects 80 million Americans to get direct deposit payments by Wednesday[/b][/size][/color]


    [size=5][b][color=red]Dow 23,390.77 -328.60 -1.39%
    S&P 500 2,761.63 -28.19 -1.01%[/color]
    [color=green]Nasdaq 8,192.42 38.85 0.48%
    GlobalDow 2,574.37 12.78 0.50%[/color]
    Gold 1,765.80 4.40 0.25%
    Oil 22.12 -0.29 -1.29%[/b][/size]

    Light SNOW heading to SW Virginia on TUE night ๐Ÿ™‚


    [color=purple][size=4][i]Good TUE morning to all .. DOW Futures are up +315
    as some flattening of growth rates are occurring in many areas
    even though by no means is it “over” yet … and even though #45
    wants a “V” shaped recovery — this virus is too deadly & “U” shaped is likely

    And “fake news” continues to do anything possible to hurt #45 and team
    in critique in “starting too late” & wanting to “open too soon”
    but this new virus is basically SARS on steroids & highly infectious & surprised ALL
    And thus the daily media battles of never letting crisis go to waste

    Corona means “crown” which are those “tentacles” (protein spikes) one sees in drawings
    and it is a lot like AIDS or common cold in hiding & not detected by immunity system
    Possible reason some get 2nd rounds of infection weeks later?
    so we do need a “Manhattan project” to make a “medical atomic bomb” against virus – lol

    Still, “it is — what it is” and we have to be patience & enjoy things best we can for now[/i][/size] 8)[/color]


    [color=teal][i][b]ohhh the humanity Virginia which was in hands of “R” party was once one of strictest & conservative in nation :ohmy:
    but that all changed in 2018 & we are now the new “CALIFORNIA” for liberal changes :woohoo:
    Heard on morning news that VA has joined other states decriminalizing “devil weed” ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    And Medical use is now legal as well — even ahead of 4/20 celebration day for many – lol
    and key reason is release of 2,000 prisoners with 1 year or less to serve also
    We indeed live in dangerous & interesting times like we’ve never seen[/b][/i][/color]


    [size=5][i]The hound & me plan to watch this interesting college lecture tonight
    Features latest experimental ideas for COVID-19 :)[/i][/size]


    DOW +400
    with lot of planes/auto travel shutdown — even Saudi/Russia deal won’t help OIL — as it says at $22/bbl


    [size=5][i]WOW — The daily briefing by “king” Trump yesterday — got wild & woolly as he he did short video
    [color=red]of all “Fake News” “mis-reporting” in JAN/FEB/MAR timeframe
    with clip-after-clip of REPORTERS that also GOT IT ALL WRONG[/color] – lol
    plus at time media highly critical of even quarantine steps he was taking at the time :whistle:

    and he then took on rude reporters like no tomorrow — as right-wing talk show hosts are highlighting
    so will bookmark to scan thru later — he should keep these to 1 hour max as one recommendation
    May be one of best briefings yet from what I heard – lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ 8) [/i][/size]


    [color=green][size=5][b]Dow 23,949.76 558.99 2.39%
    S&P 500 2,846.06 84.43 3.06%
    Nasdaq 8,515.74 323.32 3.95%
    GlobalDow 2,611.99 50.40 1.97%
    Gold 1,754.00 -7.40 -0.42%
    Oil 20.76 -1.65 -7.36%[/b][/size][/color]


    Big Day for the retailers in the US potentially tomorrow:

    8:30am USD March Retail Sales Advance M/M: -7.5% expected v -0.5% prior which was the worst ever drop since records started in 1992. $SPX $WMT $TGT $COST $JWN $M


    Heads Up Tomorrow:

    Next round of bank earnings come from Bank of America (NYSE: $BAC), Goldman Sachs (NYSE: $GS) and Citigroup (NYSE: $C). $XLF $DJIA $SPX #ES_F

    Follow Wells Fargo $EF and JP Morgan $JPM Today


    Elections in South Korea tomorrow Wednesday, Apr 15th

    Of interest given the economic collapse and how the nations votes in parliamentary elections after the #COVID19 crisis with strict new procedures enacted to protect them on election day

    If the vote is conducted without causing a spike of coronavirus infections, it may provide a roadmap for upcoming elections in other countries, including the Nov. 3 election in the United States.

    โ€œThe Korean election process has been well-thought through from the perspective of minimizing COVID-19 infection risk,โ€ Scott Snyder, senior fellow for Korea studies and director of the program on U.S.-Korea policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, tells TIME. โ€œIt would be a model for how to effectively and safely process voters in the United States.โ€


    DOW futures down close to -400

    For “now” — we’re probably now more in a “trading range” (20,000-24,000)
    with the 18,500 low & recent rebound due to TRILLIONS of $$$ infused :ohmy:
    #45 likes to do things in “BIG WAY” (lol) — Going $4 TRILLION more in DEBT in 2020 alone :woohoo:
    Massive DEBT will impact us for years to come — but we have to have SAVE LIVES as best as we can ๐Ÿ™‚

    we do have good stability in equities in an UNSTABLE world
    OIL is a victim of less travel & lots of supply — it’s as simply as that :whistle:
    I can fill up Avalon very cheap – but might get arrested on any “non-essentials” type travel
    So we have cheapest gas in decades but no where to go ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    More educational finds to learn more are noted below
    As Mr. Spock would note “Fascinating Jim” ๐Ÿ˜‰ 8)
    As the great Chinese general taught us “

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