Market Weekly: Apr 23 Apr 27 2018

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    [color=red][b]PPPPPLLLLUUUNNNGGGEEEEEE :ohmy:
    PERISCOPES DOWN — DIVE, DIVE, DIVE 😳 :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    3% 10Y treasuries & 3M’s missed earnings are impacting markets [/b][/color]


    GE is up


    BOND bubble is bursting – as we saw that coming :woohoo: … MARCH 23rd is a day of infamy — when Budget was approved with $1T deficit — is something I’m disappointed in (more so with Congress as #45 was almost forced into corner on GOVT shutdown issue) … and that load of PORK will cause IMF & T-bill & FOMC interest issues galore in future — to offset some of the goodness of corporate tax reform.


    [b]On C2C last night, 1st guest for 2 hours was a Congress is creating DEEP DEBT for our country in both funded & unfunded liabilities for generations to come (Wimpy’s I’ll pay you TUE for HB today scenario). While I did not agree will all of his scary predictions — DEBT and the lack of willpower for Congress to work together & remove pork is indeed a huge issue

    I think #45 had to do what he had to do — to get us out of gridlock, even though we’d probably be better off taking a GOVT Shutdown hit long term. Deep DEBT with HIGHER INTEREST RATES is indeed not good for our future

    In the first half, monetary expert Craig R. Smith discussed how government policies are affecting market cycles, what he sees for the near future and the long term, and how vital it is to be big drop in the stock market accompanied by a period of high inflation. He predicts that this crisis will hit around the first quarter of 2020 when America will no longer be able to finance its ballooning debt. He cautioned that the US “petro-dollar,” which has served as the world’s reserve currency since the 1970s, is now facing competition from China’s new “petro-yuan.” He also was critical of funds that aren’t backed by anything material like cryptocurrency, which he believes is going to fail.[/b]


    “We have to go through a global reset”

    agreed 100%
    but the Central Banks are that position that prevents

    my tweet from an hour ago


    At the close
    Dow -1.74% to 24,023.46. S&P -1.83% to 2,621.38. Nasdaq -1.7% to 7,007.52.
    Treasurys: 30-year -0.31%. 10-yr -0.03%. 5-yr +0.02%.
    Commodities: Crude -1.24% to $67.79. Gold +0.73% to $1,333.70.
    Currencies: Euro +0.22% vs. dollar. Yen +0.01%. Pound -0.29%.


    CAT and GOOGL Ouch …..


    I watched some of the WH state dinner but since I can speak fluent French, it sounded like an echo

    Melania put out a golden evening, but considering the relationship between USA and France has been, I can’t blame them for going all out.


    [b][color=red]After 5 straight DOWN days — markets are still down a little this morning :ohmy:

    but maybe A3, PPT, 2 o’clock club plus the great Vampire Squid team can rally home a GREEN finish 😉 8)[/color][/b]


    [size=5][color=limegreen][b]YAY – Loosing streak is broken

    Dow Jones 24,083.83 +59.70 (0.25%)
    S&P 500 Index 2,639.40 +4.84 (0.18%)
    Nasdaq Composite 7,003.74 −3.62 (0.052%)
    Russell 2000 Index 1,550.47 −2.81 (0.18%)[/b][/color][/size]


    [size=5][color=brown]FEAR NOT – as she’s staring down the NYSE itself :woohoo:
    rather than just the WALL ST BULL – as she moved 3 blocks away 8)[/color][/size]


    Still on the lookout for our editor and chief – as I tried a few searches this afternoon 😉 😆


    made sure I got in some sleeps today …as
    the Leafs, BlueJays, Raptors and FC (soccer) all playing tonight


    GE was down today -4% on above average volume

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