Market Weekly: Apr 2 Apr 6 2018

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    US Treasury 10y Yield.
    Liked the chart, thanks.
    Bit unnerving.


    [color=purple][b]Thanking our EDITOR & CHIEF for excellent insight into 1st week of APRIL 8) …

    As the “Corporal” highlights — the 10 year spike is indeed of concern (esp. in trade/tariff battles) — and several articles point to current dangers of “bond bubble burst” :ohmy:[/b][/color]


    Good morning futures watchers, glad to see all have risen for Monday

    I was out like a light early Sunday night after having a wonderful dinner


    [color=red][b]PPPLLUUUNNGGGEEE — CHINA imposes 25% tariff on 128 items & FUTURES are falling (but not dramatically) :woohoo:
    #45 has his hands full – fighting China, Russia, Fake News, GOVT swamp, Sanctuary cities & states, & other “stormy” situations 😳
    and yet he does WIN a battle here & there 😉 🙂
    Still markets are nervous for 1st trading day of Q2 :pinch:[/b][/color]


    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.


    Strongest improvement in manufacturing business conditions since March 2015
    US PMI Manufacturing Index 55.6 vs. 55.7 consensus, 55.3 prior.

    Feb. Construction Spending: +0.1% M/M vs. +0.5% consensus, +0.0% prior (revised).

    ISM Manufacturing Index: 59.3 vs. 60 consensus and 60.8 prior.
    Employment 57.3 vs. 59.7 prior.
    Prices 78.1 vs. 74.2
    New Orders 61.9 vs. 64.2
    Production 61 vs. 62


    Tesla down 7% AMZN down 5% NFLX down 5% FB down 3% – Fast money getting wrecked


    PPPLLLUUUNNGGGEEE … MINUS 700 with VIX “fear index” surging … CHINA caused more than just a SPACE STATION to crash on this 1st trading day in APRIL :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:


    Schrödinger’s market theory
    the market is nor up or down if you don’t look at it


    Thankfully only about 460 points in RED … as Bargain hunters helped DOW recover about 300 points to “+” side near the close as the weekend twitter storm probably not as bad as portrayed … if for the 1st time in decades, if trade & other neglected economic conditions can be further improved, the sell off we’ve seen will quickly be resolved (as we saw in the +640 point gain a week or so ago)


    At the close
    Dow -1.98% to 23,625.55. S&P -2.67% to 2,570.62. Nasdaq -2.84% to 6,863.42.
    Treasurys: 30-year +0.17%. 10-yr +0.13%. 5-yr +0.11%.
    Commodities: Crude -2.79% to $63.13. Gold +1.45% to $1,346.50.
    Currencies: Euro -0.13% vs. dollar. Yen -0.36%. Pound -0.2%.


    ^^^ +1 … John Bogle, CEO Vanguard always said “Don’t look at your Q1 401K … I mean 201K statement)” :ohmy:


    US Pres. Trump reportedly wants a NAFTA overhaul deal within two weeks

    PBOC says central banks says may resort to negative interest rates more often in the future
    BOJ’s Kuroda says that doesn’t see a big problem from ETF purchases

    Citi says that Australia fares better than most in a global trade war
    RBA decision doesn’t do anything for the aussie dollar

    Russia’s Russia’s energy minister says it’s too early to talk about extending oil pact with OPEC


    [color=green][b]Market futures were up some plus good start …. but am afraid markets are doing a “dying quail” :sick:

    Quick Melania — Hide the TWITTER devices from #45 for a few days 😉 8)

    So our 201K accounts can recover some 😆 [/b][/color]

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