JOSE – New Storm off Sahara Desert

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    CAT4 – 150 mph 946mb
    prayers sent for island nations in its path


    I like how the first post image updates itself


    Long range JOSE will go AROUND IN CIRCLES for a few days & is actually projected to strengthen to head toward Florida or other locations in eastern USA


    I see Jose doing some strange things – lets hope not!


    People who live along the U.S. East Coast from North Carolina up to New England should monitor Tropical Storm Jose, forecasters say. The storm’s winds won’t get close to land until Sunday or Monday — but it is expected to become a hurricane on Friday


    Jose has defied forecasts and may bring tropical storm winds to Massachusetts in next 36 hours.


    The Irving Oil Refinery is a Canadian oil refinery located in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is currently the largest oil refinery in Canada, capable of producing more than 300,000 barrels (48,000 m3) of refined products per day.


    Even Hurricane JOSE ain’t dead yet … It may do yet another LOOP-DE-LOO and may still impact the NORTHEAST USA directly … as I thought it was heading to one of most beautiful places on planet (Nova Scotia) … in year of hurricane, these storms like to hang around (as there is no major fronts coming off USA mainland to sheer them (like sheep in the equity markets when great correction occurs)


    We got nothing coming from Canada to push any of these hurricanes out of order.

    Here in Ontario, we have had summer like weather for well over a week and expected to stay that way well into this weekend. We are getting temps in the 90’s – thanks to Hurricane Harvey


    Next week there is a possibility MARIA & JOSE may merge or interact somehow (as Maria is heading almost to exact location (thankfully a blocking high should keep Maria away from Florida & Carolina … but NE USA is certainly not out of woods yet? Here’s hoping both blow to sea … and hoping this does not become the PERFECT STORM

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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