Japan Trade War Fallout Grows, Exports Down 6.7% and Imports Down 5.2%

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    The June trade balance shows a bigger surplus…



    Japan – July Reuters monthly Tankan report – Manufacturing Continues To Fall

    Manufacturers’ sentiment index +3 (vs June +6) to lowest since August of 2016.
    Service-sector index +25 in July v June +22

    The view in 3 months, October levels:
    Manufacturers’ sentiment index expected +4
    Services dropping to +16

    Reuters poll of 504 large- and mid-sized companies.

    Reuters Tankan aligned with the Bank of Japan’s closely watched quarterly tankan business survey out earlier this month, which showed big manufacturers’ business confidence fell to a nearly three-year low in the quarter to June.


    BOJ’s Kuroda at an IMF event in Washington

    Kuroda says the economy is finally no longer in deflation owing to powerful monetary easing
    Uncertainties regarding global economy have been rising
    Kuroda: To Maintain Momentum To Reach Inflation Target
    Have Seen Increase In Global Economic Uncertainties
    Powerful Monetary Easing Boosted Demand Through Decline In Real Interest Rates, Still Taking Time To Overcome Low Inflation


    Add this to the fallout:

    Nissan to cut as many as 12,500 jobs worldwide

    Nissan said net profit from the period of April through June sank 94.5 percent and revenue slid about 13 percent. The job cuts affect 9 percent of the company’s global workforce and some of the jobs eliminated will be in North America

    Nissan said it will slash production by 10 percent worldwide by the end of the 2022 fiscal year.
    Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested last year for alleged financial misconduct.
    Nissan has blamed its woes on Ghosn, who pursued an aggressive expansion strategy.

    Helmholtz Watson

    Japan August Balance of Payment Current Account

    BoP Current Account Balance Y 2157.7bn expected Y 2069.5bn, prior Y 1999.9bn

    BoP Current Account Adjusted Y 1720.3bn expected Y 1682.1bn, prior Y 1647.1bn

    Trade Balance BoP basis 50.9bn yen expected Y 34.6bn, prior Y -74.5bn

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