IRMA – New Storm off Sahara Desert

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    looks like Irma will march on SE Virginia Tuesday morning



    WEATHER CHANNEL UPDATE — also move trek more WEST with major FLORIDA impacts (right thru middle of state)


    if that ^^^ is the case
    it will easily be the most destructive thing to hit earth since WW2


    notice how quickly Irma slows from a 5-to-1 because it crosses more land


    [size=5][color=teal][b]Harvey was a MEGA-WATER event …. where as IRMA is a MEGA-WIND event (as our president had good analysis on this in Q&A on whether FEMA is spread too thin) … FEMA camps which were once urban legend will unfortunately have some reality … and the season ain’t over yet …

    Joe Bastardi (now with weather bell team) has been on radio talk shows & called this one accurately of going right thru center of Florida (a possible worst case scenario) … there are historical patterns & certainly the water/atmospheric currents “steer” this which is how they can look 4-5 days out & plot a course …

    Course is now much more westward for EYE (where the strongest windbands center at) …. it’s CAT 4 now and actually with heat of day could go back on edge of CAT 5 once it grazes Cuba. … but should weaken to CAT 4 or CAT 3 as land takes away it’s “fuel” — which is warm water … Miami skyscrapers will likely have major glass breakage along with cranes falling over possibly … Orlando may be severely impacted … so both storms hit the energy & vacation money making sectors of GDP

    All we can do now is hope & pray … and just I did with Harvey … some of FB friends down there are showing the reality of mass panic and gridlocked traffic that has folks stressed to the max …

    Here’s a great site below I like to use … It shows where FRONTS are … The blocking HIGH will actually help protect Virginia some & steer storm more into Kentucky area … There are no major fronts near the storm & the door is wide open unfortunately — so folks should use the “2017 Hurricane preparation lists” to get prepared.[/b][/color]


    CAT5 again … back to 155mph — 925mb


    [size=5]IRMA reduced back to CAT3 overnight @ 130mph (from 160mph) ,,, as the eyewall came much closer to Cuba than estimated … The eye is more likely to come ashore now on WEST GULF coast now — rather than Atlantic side … it’s still bad either way as 20 million live there

    Miami is likely to escape the worst … all those Floridians who fled from EAST to WEST may have to quickly head back … Still, one the eye clears out of Cuba — this should return to CAT4 with the heating of the day … Tomorrow & Monday are the bad days for US impacts — and hopeful the major metro areas are missed[/size]


    [size=5]125 mph — Unfortunately CUBA is getting hammered … and remembering all in the path plus have not forgotten Harvey impacts either

    1860s Horace Grielly — GO WEST YOUNG MAN
    1 day ago Florida GOV — GO WEST FLORIDIANS
    today Florida GOV — GO EAST FLORIDIANS

    This storm has defied all predictions … but I do hope for a major weakening of power prior to US landfall … no matter where you are in Florida it will be bad & as main impact zone of this storm is about 30 miles out in radius from eyewall … a 60 mile super danger zone … and beyond that is still heavy rain, but winds are below 75 mph outside the eyewall zone.[/size]


    ANDREW is “photo-shopped” beside IRMA (IRMA is 2X larger)


    CAT4 … 130mph … 929mb … IRMA just crossed KEY WEST and will make landfall on WEST side (maybe near Tampa – one of worst flood zones) … as eye may stay out in GULF much longer than expected, possibly even hitting near capital … still FLORIDA will have severe weather for next 2 days & my prayers are with all in path of storm




    TROPICAL STORM IRMA continues to weaken … now 65mph … (went below CAT1 about 8am this morning) … while there are massive power outages & storm damage (given the girth of storm) — to me Florida came out of this far better than originally projected … still 4M are without power and where DIRECT HITs occurred there is damage like we saw in Caribbean


    IRMA has arrived in SW Virginia as winds are gusty & outer rain bands

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