How Effective Are President Trumps Tweets in Moving Market Expectations.

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    President Trump is a proficient tweeter, but is…



    The S&P Futures been moving vertical after whipped up and down 30 – 30 and and then rallied near 150 S&P handles on essentially short squeezes on Trump tweets and China news reports


    Trump Press Conference on Trade Meeting

    We have come to a substantial Phase One deal with China
    It will take up to 5 weeks to get deal written
    Deal has yet to be put in writing

    We have come to a deal on IP, financial services and ‘big’ agriculture purchases
    China agreed to $40-$50B in agricultural goods purchases
    Also agreed on currency and foreign exchange issues
    We have made progress on tech transfer, we will do more on that in Phase Two
    The currency deal will be of tremendous benefit
    We are very close to ending trade war


    Mnuchin at Presser:

    We also have almost a complete agreement on financial services
    We have an agreement on transparency in FX
    There may be a Phase Three if we can’t get everything done in Phase Two
    President has approved not implementing Tues tariffs


    [color=orange][size=5][b]Lighthizer: Trump has not made a decision on Dec tariffs yet
    Only tariffs scheduled for Tues have been suspended
    Trump: We will look at the blacklist and the companies that should be on it[/b][/size][/color]

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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