HAPPY THANKSGIVING and Black Friday shopping

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    [color=brown][size=5][b]Wishing a HAPPY & BLESSED Thanksgiving to all 🙂
    from deer infested fields of SW Virginia :woohoo:
    we can use thread for news on Black Friday madness (lol) & sales :)[/b][/size][/color]


    [size=5][b]Black Friday – Six real-world phishing attacks for 2017

    This slide show provides good security awareness to avoid social engineering tactics, phishing, and malware during 2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales ahead


    QUOTE: As the mega-shopping day approaches, here’s a look at six examples of phishing attacks – and ways to avoid taking the bait.

    [color=red]1. Ray-Ban 80% Discount Sale (too good to be true)
    2. Neuberger Berman Gift Card Perk (free gift cards when “fill out form”)
    3. Free Apple iPhone 6 (too good to be true)
    4. Americanas 60% Laptop Sale (off-brand model used to lure for detailed info)
    5. Free Preloaded Amazon Gift Card (fake Amazon web site used)
    6. Michael Kors 80% Handbag Sale (too good to be true)[/color][/b][/size]


    I’m not anti-capitalist but I am not capitalist enough to go shopping just because its a holiday “deal”

    also, in Canada its rare to find a deal anyway
    the past 3-6 months companies incrementaly raise prices only to give the illusion they are offering a deal

    With that being said, there is no better time to buy a new TV in the US then Black Friday sales


    [color=blue][size=5]and besides y’all have already CELEBRATED Thanksgiving once around Columbus Day 😉 🙂
    As I shared with my good friend in Toronto office, just an excuse for 2nd Turkey day 🙂
    But actually it must be done early as things FREEZE UP early in the great white north :ohmy:


    2 thanksgivings, but there is no inflation lol


    You haven’t seen my reflating waistline this time of year..



    have a wonderful Thanksgiving America

    stay safe


    [color=brown][size=5][b]HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY to all …. a great day to bond with the family, enjoy a great meal, college basketball (UVA), and may break boycott for NFL some … I am fixing one of my favorite dishes to go along with turkey, ham, etc. called “Fire on Mtn Ghost chili” (that no one else will touch).

    Traditionally in our family, we go around room in “blessing” the food where each person briefly reflects on things they are thankful for.[/b][/size][/color]


    [size=5]58% of folks are afraid to talk politics & sometimes there are strained relationships at the table … That’s not a problem at our own family table – lol

    Below is a favorite song of reflection & healing from 1967 (the summer of Love) 8) 8) … if only the world work on following this theme in how they treat one another — we would indeed have a better world[/size]





    People shouldn’t be afraid to talk politics with family
    but then some people don’t know the difference between talking and arguing

    there is a limit to how long someone can talk about something they don’t agree with, pushing that point is where the arguments start – so people find its just easier to not talk about the important things that surround politics


    [color=brown][b][size=5]HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY & Good luck to all shoppers
    In our area, there was no one in line as temps are around 29F – lol
    And many go ONLINE and avoid the madness 🙂

    Still NOVEMBER is worst month for DEER traffic accidents (mating season)
    And beware of the human element today, as large crowds are opportunity for car robberies
    or injuries when the human crush of “greed” ensues when doors open to public[/size][/b][/color]

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