FCC Votes Down Net Neutrality

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    The US Federal Communications Commission voted along party…



    [color=teal][size=5][b]Being computer geek, I will share a few brief comments

    1. I favor keeping the 2015 law — so ISPs won’t gouge streamers or others — this simply returns us to 2015 standards (which was working somewhat fine at times) … but there were ISPs who abused system and would slow down live or other video streaming, so they could keep you on the “cord”

    2. If an ISP wants to survive they need to give good quality service — so that pre-2015 abuses should not be common place. Folks will switch if they can’t stream well (unless in rural area there is a monopoly on services)

    3. ISPs can layer plans for Premium, Standard, or limited service plans … although if consumers pick wrongly they will pay their nose

    While eliminating current law could lead to higher fees for folks like myself who need maximum services to telecommute or stream — it’s not the end of world as we are mainly just undoing a 2015 regulation that put a burdensome restriction on ISPs.[/b][/size][/color]


    [color=blue][size=5][b]Also just heard daily Kim Komando update on our radio news station … NBC claims this move is “THE DAY THE INTERNET DIED” … Summary of her points

    1. Actually Internet worked fine for 25 years prior to 2015 laws … There were no major abuses but as an early “cord cutter” back in 2013 –I did see more buffering in watching a Hulu Sci-Fi movie for example.

    2. Internet does not need a TRAFFIC COP — as before 2015 there was freedom to innovate & compete

    3. The 2015 law basically allowed the BIG BOYS to gain advantage (as they can best meet the burdensome regulations) and become the great monopolies of today (MFST, AZM, APPL, etc) …FOLLOW THE $$$$$$

    4. As I shared above – repeal of 2015 law offers TIER plans & ISPs to offer superfast speeds for those who need most in premium plans .. As I understand repeal is designed to help the little guys better innovate & offer services — although major ISPs are licking their chops for more $$$$ as well

    And I also remember 2015 law was designed to lower costs, give greater speeds & reliability & allow all who were poor to have access … Have you seen that in your neck of woods 😉 :whistle: :whistle::whistle:[/b][/size][/color]


    What the repeal also does
    is require ISP that do throttle bandwidth to say what sites they are throttling
    if for example, Comcast started to throttle YouTube
    wouldn’t its competition salivate on that opportunity?
    wouldn’t new companies be made to fulfill a local that is being under serviced?

    Also, I stated in the article
    The change will remove the FCC’s responsibility as a regulatory body of internet providers and move the responsibility of preventing anti-competitive behavior to the Federal Trade Commission.
    ……..so its not as if its the wild wild west and the ISP can run all over, they are still held to the laws set by the FTC

    Helmholtz Watson

    CI and A3 as always great insight on everything tech – thanking you through this partisan hysteria – oh record highs on stocks to finish the week – no neutrality there?


    Am thinking it will better with tech competition – anyone else think that?


    since the Title II classification, broadband network investment has declined by $3.6 billion, or more than 5%.

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