ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged, Rates and Inflation Outlook Remains

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    Helmholtz Watson

    ECB left rates unchanged as expected after last…


    Helmholtz Watson

    New Chief Lagarde opening statement:

    Some initial signs of stabilization in growth slowdown
    Incoming data point to continued muted inflation pressures
    Highly accommodative policy still needed
    We stand ready to adjust all instruments as needed
    Easier borrowing conditions for firms and households will support the euro area expansion, the ongoing build-up of domestic price pressures and, thus, the robust convergence of inflation to our medium-term aim
    Committed to symmetry
    Euro area fiscal stance is ‘mildly expansionary’
    Risks remain tilted to the downside but have become somewhat less pronounced

    Helmholtz Watson

    Netherlands central bank president, ECB Governor Klaas Knot:

    Speaking in a Reuters interview Monday

    “I do not have a crystal ball, but I cannot rule out that the current low interest rate environment could last another five years”

    “This worries me, because temporarily low interest rates are something quite different from persistently low interest rates.”
    low rates lead to excessive risk taking among investors,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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