EARTHQUAKE alerts 2018

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    maybe its the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs trying to escape 😛

    Did anyone see this earthquake news on the news? I sure didn’t


    32 foot tsunami wave in the Gulf of Alaska, from a 8.2M shallow earthquake.


    7.2 = MEXICO CITY and 4.2 = Wales (Great Britain – which is rare)


    Yes saw the Mexico quake on the news – maybe because they couldn’t blame fracking it wasn’t well publicized 🙂


    Mexico City is screwed

    The magnitude of Mexico City’s problems, which made the news this week, are undoubtedly alarming. While Venice is sinking into its lagoon at a leisurely centimeter or so a year, Mexico is in relative free-fall, having plunged some 10 metres in the past century.

    The Aztec’s unusual choice of location for their fine city was just the start of the problems. When the Spaniards took over in 1519, they filled in the lake and sank deep wells to bring water up from underground aquifers. “Everywhere they pumped up groundwater from the boreholes, the ground sank. Without the water there, the sediments that the city was built on compressed a lot more,” says Eddie Bromhead, a geotechnical engineer at Kingston University.

    As the city’s population exploded, demand for water rose sharply, and the aquifer beneath the city is now believed to be in danger of collapsing.

    The final mistake was to go rapidly to high-rise buildings when a sudden influx of jobseekers swelled the city’s population to around 20m as it stands at today. “If you put heavy buildings on that kind of ground, and use shallow foundations, the soil compacts,” says Bromhead. “So that, along with removing the water, is why Mexico City is such a mess.”


    5.4 earthquake has hit Ventura County (CA), United States, 3.1mi, 3:29 PM EDT


    6.9 – Hawaii and VOLCANIC ERUPTION on big island (which has youngest & most active mantle fissures) … Mankind continues to build in areas where maybe mother nature does not intend as a few dozen homes in “volcanic zone one” have been lost … hopefully our 50th state will see calmer times all the way around 8)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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