Did the Saudi Purge Spur Wealthy Saudis to Hide in Bitcoin?

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    Helmholtz Watson

    What is next for Saudi Arabia…



    Nothing like a good conspiracy theory for the holidays 😉


    I was explaining to my dad how bitcoin could be transferred across state lines on a USB stick – compared to wire transfers of money, or suitcases of gold


    So from Today we get this:

    [b]SAUDI ARABIA Over 7,700 arrested in three-day crime sweep

    Saudi Gazette report[/b]

    JEDDAH — Security patrols have arrested a total of 7,706 people involved in various cases in massive three-day crime sweep all over the Kingdom.

    People who were detained included 3,212 Saudis and 4,494 expatriates, local daily Al-Madina reported on Tuesday quoting informed sources.

    It said wide-ranging crackdown was carried out from Dec. 21-23.

    The sources said the security patrols caught 434 vehicles of various brands. Of them 37 were stolen, 60 were wanted for involvement in criminal activities and 164 did not have ownership documents.

    The patrols also caught 749 weapons including pistols, guns and daggers, in addition to a large quantity of ammunition.

    They seized 343 narcotic pills, 1,160 grams of hashish and 345 batches of the narcotic leaf qat during the operation, in addition to destroying 218 bottles, 18 jerry cans and 18 barrels containing arak.



    Loving the conspiracy theories – we need more!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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