Cyber-Monday 2018 – Best Safety practices

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    [b][size=5][color=purple]Cyber-Monday 2018 can provide excellent bargains & the best safety practices are always important in every e-commerce transaction. Several key concepts include
    [color=green]1.Always ensure you do not violate corporate policy & use in shopping at work
    2.Ensure site is secure & legitimate & has good track record in protecting customer information (follow all e-commerce best practices)
    3.Avoid clicking on ads, email links, and web search links of suspicious origin
    4.Think security & safety at all times & be cautious at all time
    5.If bargains are too good to be true – that may be bait to implant malware or ransomware[/color],review-1956.html%5B/size%5D%5B/b%5D

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