Coronavirus Highest Risk International Cities Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei

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    [color=red][size=5][b]Florida coronavirus cases rise 3.4% vs 7-day average of 3.2%
    Virus data released by Florida on Friday, June 19, 2020:

    Yesterday cases rose 3.9% with new cases a record 3207 yesterday
    Total cases were 89,748 vs 85,926 yesterday
    Hospitalizations rose 1.5% yesterday
    Deaths were 43 yesterday


    California coronavirus cases rise 4,317 v 4,084 yesterday as protest positives start to roll in confirming @GavinNewsom decision to make all Californians wear a mask with a rollback order


    Arizona Covid 19 cases rise to 3246 up 29% Up from 2519 yesterday

    Given the rise in COVID-19 cases throughout Maricopa County, Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane has issued an emergency proclamation that requires people to cover their nose and mouth in most public areas except for individuals or small groups in parks or for outdoor exercise when physical distancing can be maintained.


    Arizona reports 2196 new coronavirus cases v 2592 on Sunday

    Total cases rose to 54,586 from 52,390 coming from1013 reported last Monday.

    Super Harley

    Inovio $INO shares +42% on $71 million in funding from Department of Defense to manufacture handheld device that delivers its experimental #COVID__19 vaccine.

    It also said as part of this agreement that the DoD plans to buy an undisclosed number of the devices. The vaccine candidate is currently being tested in a Phase 1 clinical trial; interim results from that study are expected to be released this month. There are no proven vaccines at this time that prevent infections with the coronavirus. Inovio has previously announced funding agreements with the Department of Defense for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Inovio’s stock has soared 363.6% since the start of the year

    Market Summary > Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
    21.10 USD +5.80 (37.91%)


    Florida coronavirus cases rise 4.6% v +4.0% seven-day average
    Yesterday rose 5.3%
    5004 cases v record 5508 yesterday


    Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations +8.0% vs +7.3% yesterday

    Hospitalizations total 4739 vs 4389 yesterday
    14th straight day of rising hospitalizations


    California coronavirus cases 5349 v 7149 a day ago

    Prior day was 5019
    One week ago was 4084


    Texas COVID19 19 hospitalizations +7.7% v +8.0% yesterday

    Hospitalizations for coronavirus at 5100 now vs 4739 yesterday
    – 15th straight day of rising hospitalizations


    Florida coronavirus cases +3.7% v 7-day average 5.5%

    Cases rise 5266 compared to 8530 yesterday.


    California coronavirus cases +2.5% v 2.8% seven-day

    Rose 5,307 on the day v 4230 last Monday and 4890 yesterday, June 24 record was 7149.
    Perspective: 32 deaths a rise of 0.5% continues with low mortality rate of younger positives, protesters.


    [color=green][b](1) ALWAYS WEAR MASK 100% WHEN AROUND PEOPLE
    (offers some partial help — and a mask even helps my looks some – lol) 8)
    (2) DONT BELIEVE ALL NEWS REPORTS (tis an election year) :whistle:
    (5) PATIENCE & MAKE BEST OF EACH DAY (go out & plant a garden for the deer) 😆 [/b][/color]

    And this is the reason to be CAUTIOUS – lol :ohmy:


    [size=5][i]On my better half’s side of family we lost an aunt to COVID-19 at age 91
    and as a former pastor’s wife & missionary in 1960s to FIJI islands she is in a better place
    and awaits our arrival one day –when we cross over to other side 🙂
    Statistically, this will even catch up to us on personal basis

    quote from RUSH – I woke up this morning & am thankful and see as gift
    and same with each one of us

    From favorite album of all time — Paul Hardcastle Jazzmasters 3
    Helen Rodgers may be best female vocalist of all time 8)[/i][/size]


    Florida #coronavirus cases rise 4.2% v 7-day average 5.6%

    Cases rise 6093 compared to 5266 yesterday
    Cases compared to 3286 week ago
    Cases at long-term care facilities hit record 1868


    [size=5]Trial of Moderna #COVID19 #vaccine delayed, investigators say, but July start still possible via STAT $MRNA[/size]

    By Damian Garde @damiangarde

    July 2, 2020

    A 30,000-patient trial of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine candidate, expected to start next week, has been delayed, a potential hurdle in the company’s ambitious effort to deliver key data by Thanksgiving.

    Moderna is making changes to the trial plan, called a protocol, which has pushed back the expected start date of the Phase 3 study, according to investigators. The investigators, who spoke on condition of anonymity, emphasized that protocol changes are common but said it’s not clear how long the start will be delayed.

    “My understanding was that they wanted to get the first vaccines given in July, and they say they’re still committed to do that,” one investigator said. “As best I can tell, they’re close to being on target for that.”

    Investigators had previously said Moderna’s trial would begin July 9. On Thursday, NIH Director Francis Collins also told lawmakers in Washington that the study would begin this month.

    Moderna did not respond to questions about how long the delay will last, the nature of the protocol changes, or whether they have anything to do with the vaccine’s safety or manufacturing.

    The intense focus on the exact timing of the trial stems from the tight nature of the race to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus — and the fact that any delay could imperil Moderna’s pole position. Pfizer, working with the German firm BioNTech, plans to start a 30,000-patient study of its own later this month. AstraZeneca and Oxford University are slated to begin a similarly sized trial in August, followed by Johnson & Johnson in September.

    All of the companies are working at unprecedented speed to advance their vaccines, and Moderna may not be the last to see its timeline delayed.

    Trial of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine delayed, investigators say, but July start still possible

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