Coronavirus Highest Risk International Cities Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei

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    Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipai are currently the…



    World Health Organization press briefing on Coronavirus

    WHO Tedros press briefing

    Decision to reconvene emergency panel is based mainly on the evidence of increasing numbers of cases, on evidence for human to human transmission that has occurred outside of China

    WHO’s Mike Ryan adds:

    Very impressed with the level of Chinese engagement at all levels and fight against coronavirus
    They are taking extraordinary measures in the face of what is an extraordinary challenge
    15 countries have imported cases of coronavirus, but the whole world needs to be on alert and take action


    [color=red][size=5][b]World Health Organization WHO press conference scheduled for 1830 GMT 1:30 pm ET

    Whether to designate #coronavirus as a global public health emergency.[/b][/size][/color]


    The best and the worst prepared countries for an Epidemic epidemic/ pandemic in the world.


    I’ve been reading a few science & medical articles — as well as the fake news articles – lol … while less dangerous than it’s close-cousin SARS, this variant from SNAKES is far more apt to spread among humans — hence it is very serious threat, esp. for those in poor health :sick:



    Taiwan to restrict entry of foreigners with recent travel history to China

    The restriction will go into place on 7 February

    Says that it will prohibit foreigners from entering Taiwan who have been in China during the last 14 days.


    Official name: COVID-19 :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:


    China’s National Health Commission has revised how it classifies patients infected.

    After just adding last week cases clinically diagnosed with CT scansit now only counts confirmed cases

    mmmmm I wonder why


    [color=red][b]China’s Hubei province coronavirus infection update:
    349 new cases on Feb 19, 108 deaths

    Hubei’s capital is Wuhan, the epicentre of the viral outbreak.

    For end February 19:

    349 new cases of the infection
    108 deaths added to the toll (total now 2029)[/b][/color]


    South Korea has declared Daegu and Cheongdo “special care zones” for Coronavirus

    The cities are southeastern Daegu and Cheongdo and a cluster of coronavirus cases have been reported in those areas

    On Thursday, the country confirmed its first death of a COVID-19 patient in the southeastern city of Cheongdo, with the total number of confirmed cases in the country surpassing 100. Concerns about community spread have mounted as new cases surged this week in Daegu, the country’s fourth-largest city and home to 2.4 million people, and its surrounding North Gyeongsang Province.

    Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun

    “The government will take special measures by declaring the Daegu and Cheongdo areas, where a sudden rise in confirmed cases were reported, as special care zones”
    “The government will mobilize all resources to overcome the virus”

    Daegu is South Korea fourth-largest city (popn approx. 2.4 million people)

    via Yonhap


    Virus Spread Globally gathering speed
    South Korea coronavirus infected rises 161 to 763

    Total deaths up to 7[/b][/color]

    Over the last 5 days the number of infected has spiked higher.

    Kospi -2.8% on Monday open

    Hang Seng -0.8%. Shanghai composite is -0.4%. premarket


    Cruise operator Royal Caribbean says it has cancelled 30 cruises in Southeast Asia via CNBC

    Cruise operator Royal Caribbean says it has cancelled 30 cruises in Southeast Asia due to the coronavirus outbreak
    It has also modified several itineraries in the region

    Earlier they said

    Regardless of nationality, we will deny boarding to:

    Any guest who has travelled from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto in the past 15 days.
    Any guest who has come in contact with anyone with 15-day prior travel to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto. The CDC characterizes contact with an individual as coming within 6 feet (2M) of a person.
    Guests who report feeling unwell or demonstrate any flu-like symptom.

    There will be mandatory specialized health screenings performed on:any guest who has travelled from, to, or through Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Italy (all regions other than Lombardy and Veneto) in the past 15 days.



    [color=red][b]Mainland China total coronavirus cases rides 406 to 78,064. Death toll rises 52 to 2,715 with all deaths in Hubei province

    401 new cases in Hubei on Feb 25 (total 65187)


    More key scientific findings below — and COVID-19 differs greatly from regular FLU — with ability to RE-INFECT & DNA structure of virus is almost HIV-like in nature with ability to trick immunity system & infect far more than original SARS virus in 2003 :sick: IOW – unlike regular flu – there is no human anti-bodies stored up to prevent re-infections :woohoo:


    The new coronavirus has anability to bind with human cells could be up to 1,000 times as strong as the Sars virus, according to new research by scientists in China and Europe. Scientists showed that Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) entered the human body by binding with a receptor protein called ACE2 on a cell membrane. The virus uses the outreaching spike protein to hook on to the host cell, but normally this protein is inactive. The cleavage site structure’s job is to trick the human furin protein, so it will cut and activate the spike protein and cause a “direct fusion” of the viral and cellular membranes. Compared to the Sars’ way of entry, this binding method is “100 to 1,000 times” as efficient, according to the study.

    China has discovered that roughly 14% of patients who recover from coronavirus test positive for the killer disease again – with the mechanism behind the virus’ apparent ability to re-infect a complete mystery.[/b]


    [b][color=blue][i]These articles are more SCIENTIFIC in nature –even PHD & MD stuff – lol
    I used to subscribe to “New Scientist” and like magazines pre-Internet 8)
    IOW – these are more real facts, than panic we see in “fake news” & media sensationalizing[/i][/color]

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