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    I’ve done some professional writing & still blog on computer & IT security news & created a thread to share breaking news & security awareness … As I’m signed up for FBI security alerts, this one was so “spot on”


    [size=5] Computer Security – FBI charges 250 criminals with elderly fraud

    The work by FBI in this area is truly a beneficial endeavor. I have personally helped in the aftermath of online crimes against elderly in past & most lost money with no hope of recovery. Many have only used computers late in life & often with very limited training. And there are many tech savvy elderly users, but because most did not grow up with current technology they remain a vulnerable target for bad guys.

    A coordinated law enforcement action aimed at those who prey on senior citizens has resulted in $600 million. The cases, which spanned the globe and claimed victims in every U.S. state, include criminal, civil, and forfeiture actions and were coordinated through local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and international partners.

    Elder fraud “is a serious and growing threat,” said David Bowdich, acting deputy director of the FBI, who attended a press conference at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., with other federal law enforcement partners to announce the results of the nationwide sweep and to encourage victims to come forward.[/size]

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