Commodities Get Boost From China’s Xiongan New Economic Zone

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    Rich geothermal resources in the area will also help the city become greener.


    [quote=”Assistanc3″ post=1058]Rich geothermal resources in the area will also help the city become greener.[/quote]

    Oh that explains the clean and green part of the article TY


    I’ve been following a lot of news out of China over the last number of years, it pairs with the commodity plays on the TSX and this economic zone could be another for the index and resource sectors all around the world.

    A report for this new economic zone will cost around US$348 billion of investments over the next decade, adding as much as 0.4 percentage point to China’s economic growth every year, according to a projection by Morgan Stanley.

    As for the “greener” part, while the use of geothermal will help offset the need for coal, I believe the reason they are calling this clean and green is because State-owned enterprises, universities, hospitals, research institutions and less-important national organizations are to absorb “non-capital” functions from Beijing.

    China is moving away from manufacturing into the service and technology industry that will, eventually make China the supreme power of this planet …and probably even further reach from that.

    When people talk about China, they say watch coal imports or electricity use.
    The one thing that I watch for, is retail sales. Happy people spend money, if they are spending that money in any form of government, it does not matter …happy people spend money.

    Think of all that could have been done in past countries if they did not have labor problems that arise from unions, or “voting” blocks trying to bring in wage increases through government elections …that doesn’t happen in China.

    What China has done with developing of Shenzhen in 1980s or Shanghai’s Pudong New District in 1990s and now Xiongan could only be comparable to either the Highway System the USA built. (sorry CL it took this long to mention Dwight D Eisenhower)

    Another thing most are unaware of, the Silicon Valley equivalent in China dwarfs America’s tech hub. The only difference right now is the money and the money will follow the talent.

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