CLIMATE CHANGE 2018 – fact or fiction

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    [color=blue][size=5][b]And I’m somewhere in middle knowing that our pollution & massive concrete cities & 7 billion people on plant — do alter the natural order… but 97% of all greenhouse gases are from natural sources (e.g., VOLCANO) … Still, we are to be stewards of the earth.– but I’m not sure we can reverse things (Paris Climate Change treaty is more of way of taxing folks – than making a real difference — if mankind can control such things?)

    This link below projects “CLIMATE CHANGE” and forecasts future HURRICANE seasons (even with CAT 6’s … any cyclone with less than 900mb of barometric pressure is strongest ever measured) …For example, what will hurricane season be like in 2033 or 2050 or 2066 or even 10,000 AD …. Hint, it ain’t getting milder & Florida & Houston disappear at some point in near future 😉 :whistle:

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