Chinese Aluminum Production Surged 13.4 Pct in 2017 Despite Air Pollution Curbs

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    Production of primary aluminium in China rose 13.4…



    From Bloomberg on US Tariff Rec on China steel and aluminum

    “China has long been at the epicenter of global over-production of steel. But the trade dynamics are shifting as aluminum exports take center stage. In January, China boosted its shipments of the lightweight metal for a third month, as domestic supplies spill overseas, while steel cargoes shrank to the lowest in nearly five years as strong domestic growth mops up production and environmental curbs trim capacity”


    “Japan is viewing this as more of a security issue, said Yasuji Komiyama, director of the metal industries division at Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The Commerce Department may invoke a seldom-used section of the 1962 Trade Act, which allows the president to impose tariffs without congressional approval.

    Komiyama said steel and aluminum shipped to the U.S. from Japan don’t pose any threats to American security. “This an issue within the U.S. government. Nothing has been decided and therefore the Japanese government doesn’t have any further comment,” he said.


    but but China is doing more to combat global warming


    US Commerce Dept. confirms tariffs placed on Chinese aluminum foil

    Duties will range up to 106%

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