Cheniere Report Higher Asian LNG Demand, Guides Higher For Global Demand

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    Thanks TradersCom
    Went looking for some info on spot price in Asia

    October 3 2017 Financial Review.
    Asian LNG spot prices have spiked 35 per cent in the past month as the prospect that Queensland’s LNG ventures will be selling all their surplus gas at home over the next two years bites.

    (Reuters) June 12 – Qatar’s isolation by other Arab nations has dealt a strong hand to Japanese utilities in talks reviewing long-term gas contracts with the top LNG exporter, likely accelerating a shift to a more openly traded global market for the fuel.


    Thank you – gives an indication of geopolitical consequences and how broad reaching they can be in energy markets. Reading that the Japanese better be careful what they wish for spikes like that protected in the long term market – in the spot that is the market.

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