Canadian and Mexico Currencies Rise on NAFTA Hopes

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    Reports that the White House at next week’s…



    Mexico’s economic minister Guajardo says No NAFTA deal this week on Televisa

    There aren’t conditions right now for NAFTA deal to be reached this week
    80% chance of an agreement in principle for new NAFTA deal by first week of May
    If the US does not land an agreement by the first week of May that will compromise its voting ability.
    Believes it is in the interest of the US to reach a deal as soon as possible


    Pipeline outage hurting CAD separately


    Trump on Latest NAFTA
    “getting pretty close” to a deal on NAFTA but could be weeks or months
    Agriculture will be taken care of in NAFTA


    Trump should scrap NAFTA and make a deal with Mexico and Canada separately

    Helmholtz Watson

    Banxico keeps rates unchanged at 7.5% as expected

    The decision was unanimous

    Prioritizes the MXN impact on CPI ahead of Fed posture
    Lists agricultural prices, labor costs among additional MXN and CPI risk
    CPI slowdown so far in 2018 in line with expectations
    Mexican economy is in best position to face shocks
    Private demand has continued to expand this year

    probability of negative NAFTA outcome reduce recently
    NAFTA, Fed, election present MXN and CPI risks
    Mexico economy faces complicated panorama going forward

    Helmholtz Watson

    Mexico Trade Representative Kalach:

    NAFTA Deal Depends On Political Will From Trump Administration
    US Has Not Yet Moved On 5-6 Toxic NAFTA Demands
    NAFTA Trade Ministers Likely To Meet In DC Again Next Week


    Mexico economy minister Guajardo:

    No guarantees NAFTA deal can be reached
    Any day of NAFTA talks means working toward goal
    Deal depends on NAFTA countries flexibility
    Won’t accept any #steel, #aluminum restrictions


    While “Money never sleeps” — NAFTA may “sleep” if they can’t understand the “ART OF THE DEAL” 😉 🙂


    not sure where I said it here in the forum
    but I didn’t expect a NAFTA deal to happen before the Mexico election

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