Bucks Fizz Brexit Party in The Land of Make Believe?

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    Court rules that PM Johnson will not be forced to order Brexit extension

    GBPUSD fell on the news though th fall maybe limited as Johnson ‘knows’ he must comply with the Benn extension, but perhaps not to the same degree if court ruled differently


    Five Cabinet ministers ‘resignation watch’ if Boris Johnson switches to campaign for a No Deal Brexit

    Downing Street has put five Cabinet ministers on a ‘resignation watch list’ amid a growing rebellion over whether Boris Johnson will switch to formally backing a No Deal Brexit.
    Nicky Morgan, Robert Buckland, Geoffrey Cox, Julian Smith and Matt Hancock are all believed to be on Number 10’s quit list as tensions grow over the government’s Brexit strategy.

    At the moment the PM’s publicly stated preference is for the UK to leave the EU on October 31 with a deal.


    UK Parliament voted for Boris Johnson to request a further delay to Brexit.

    The prime minister will introduce the legislation needed next week for the U.K. to leave the EU on Oct. 31.

    Key Developments

    Johnson sends letter to Brussels formally asking the European Union to delay Brexit until Jan. 31, as stipulated by law, but made it clear he’d rather there was no extension
    Move came after MPs voted by 322 to 306 for Letwin amendment forcing government to request Brexit
    European Council President Donald Tusk to consult EU leaders on how to react
    Johnson could yet deliver on pledge to get Britain out of the EU by the end of the month, an analysis of Saturday’s vote reveals


    Brexit Will Have No Long-Term Economic Impact, Former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King Says

    King expressed his frustration that Brexit remains unresolved, saying the feeling among the British public is “just do it.” Brexit, he said, has provoked a political and constitutional crisis, but leaving the EU is unlikely to have a “major” impact of the British economy either way, he said in a Sky interview shown Sunday.

    “It’s a mistake to try and map out a particular deal into precise numbers,” he said of forecasts that Britain will be significantly worse off outside the EU. “A lot of bogus quantification has gone on to try to justify positions.”

    Source Bloomberg


    [size=5][b]UK Minister Gove on Deal or No Deal:
    There has been no formal response received from the EU to PM Johnson’s letter
    No certainty that EU will grant Brexit extension
    I must take the steps now to take care of the increased possibility of leaving without a deal
    We must intensify contingency arrangements

    Helmholtz Watson

    UK parliament reject PM Johnson’s request for an early election as Labour abstains

    299 votes in favour, 70 against. The rest abstained.


    Meanwhile in UK.. first big upset of night in Blyth Valley. T

    he Northumberland former mining town, which has been Labour since 1950, has been taken by the Tory party local Ian Levy in a 10.19% swing.


    Exit poll via Guardian

    Voting closed with a shock exit poll suggesting Boris Johnson was on course to win the 2019 general election with a majority of 86 seats, a catastrophic prediction for the Labour party.

    The exit poll of 20,000 voters in 144 polling stations put the Labour party on 191 seats, the lowest number since 1935.

    The Liberal Democrats were forecast to remain more or less static with one extra seat. Leader Jo Swinson’s seat in East Dunbartonshire is said to be 50:50.

    The SNP is predicted to return a thumping 55 out of the 59 seats in Scotland, an increase of 20, meaning a near-wipeout for Labour and the Conservatives and taking Nicola Sturgeon’s party close to the 56 seats it won in 2015.

    Labour’s Barry Gardiner said it would be a “devastating blow” to the party if the exit poll proves to be on the money. “It is a deeply depressing prediction,” he told Sky News.

    Nigel Farage’s Brexitparty is predicted to get zero seats.

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