Bucks Fizz Brexit Party in The Land of Make Believe?

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    You cannot say British politics is boring, with Boris Johnson…



    Queen approves proroguing of parliament

    The notes says parliament will be prorogued no earlier than Monday, Sept 9 and will resume no later than Monday Oct 14.

    The effect of the decision will be to curtail the time MPs have to introduce legislation or other measures aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit – and increase the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to table a vote of no confidence next week.

    If Johnson lost that vote, there would then be a 14-day period in which the Labour party leader, or an alternative candidate, could seek to assemble a majority. If no new government emerges, a general election would have to be held.

    Government sources insist Johnson is determined not to go to the polls before Britain is due to leave the EU. “We have been very clear that if there’s a no-confidence vote, he won’t resign. We get to set an election date. We don’t want an election, but if we have to set a date, it’s going to be after 31 October,” said a senior government source.

    In the letter to colleagues, Johnson said MPs would be able to debate his approach to the EU negotiations before the European council on 17 October, at which any new deal would have to be agreed by the EU27 – and to vote on it afterwards.

    “Parliament will have the opportunity to debate the government’s overall programme, and approach to Brexit, in the run-up to EU council, and then vote on this on 21 and 22 October, once we know the outcome of the council.

    “Should I succeed in agreeing a deal with the EU, parliament will then have the opportunity to pass the bill required for ratification of the deal ahead of 31 October,” he said.

    Helmholtz Watson

    Ireland’s Coveney Says: Boris Johnson’s position totally unreasonable, one that EU cannot agree to

    Vague alternatives to backstop do not stand up to scrutiny
    It is still up to UK government to provide solutions

    Helmholtz Watson

    Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn,says Labour will finalise plan to stop no-deal Brexit today

    Speaking in Manchester

    Helmholtz Watson

    Group of Rebel Tory MPs meeting for no-deal bill vote that is almost certainly set to be tabled when parliament returns tomorrow

    Via Sky News’ deputy political editor:

    “Tory rebels They are confident of around 19 rebels with perhaps half a dozen on top of it – which would d mean defeat for government >> how will gvt respond. This is fuelling some election talk inside Whitehall, tho absolutely no confirmation from No10 who haven’t commented yet”

    uardian’s chief political correspondent adds to this:

    “By my current tally, there are at least 16 Tory MPs who have privately or publicly confirmed they are undeterred by the de-selection threats and will vote on no deal bill”

    Note by deselecting just one Tory MP, effectively thr0wing away Johnson working majority in parliament which raises odds of an early election before 31 October.

    Johnson has called for a Cabinet meeting later today at 1600 GMT before addressing Tory MPs thereafter.

    Helmholtz Watson

    UK PM Johnson is planning a snap general election …

    Via Sun reporting:

    PM Johnson is planning a snap general election in 5 weeks time if he loses against remainers this week
    PM could call although for election as early as Wednesday
    Johnson once election before October EU Council

    Helmholtz Watson

    Labor prepares counter attack to Johnson

    labor lawmaker Benn says:

    The purpose of the bill is to ensure that the UK does not leave the European Union on 31 October without an agreement, unless Parliament’s consent
    The bill gives the government time either to reach a new agreement with the European Union at the European Council meeting next month or to seek parliaments specific consent to leave the EU without a deal
    If neither of these 2 conditions have been met by 19 October, then the prime minister must send a letter to the president of the European Council
    Lawmakers will on Tuesday put forward motion to take control of Parliament business on Wednesday to launch bill to prevent no-deal Brexit – Source
    No-deal Brexit opponents plan to begin passing bill on September 4

    Helmholtz Watson

    UK lawmakers are said to pushingfor legislation that would force PM Johnson to request Brexit delay to January 31, 2020

    Helmholtz Watson

    BREAKING Boris Johnson Loses Majority as Conservative MP Philip Lee has defected to the Lib Dems

    Helmholtz Watson

    Graham Amendment To Would Require Govt To Hold A Vote On A Deal By Oct 21 And Would Remove Requirement For Parliament To Approve A No Deal Exit Being Voted On

    Helmholtz Watson

    First Brexit amendment bill defeated 465-65 = not needing parliament to approve a final deal
    Second Brexit amendment bill = give parliament another chance to vote on existing withdrawal agreement, the one that was negotiated by Theresa May.


    UK PM Boris Johnson’s early election vote defeated

    To pass needed at least 434 votes to win and got 298.

    Today means a ‘deal’ on Brexit v a ‘no deal’ Brexit is closer.

    GBP higher v USD EUR AND JPY


    Financial Times Summarizes Boris Johnson’s prime ministership as a dud

    In three months as prime minister Mr Johnson

    has suffered an unprecedented defeat in the Supreme Court,
    lost his parliamentary majority,
    expelled 21 Tory MPs,
    seen the resignation of his brother from the government,
    and had his Brexit strategy torn to shreds.


    EU gives Boris Johnson one week to come up with an Brexit acceptable plan – UK Times

    Has given Boris Johnson one week to make his Brexit plan acceptable or European Union leaders will refuse to discuss it at a crucial summit this month

    This new ultimatum, along with fundamental EU objections to his alternative to the Irish backstop, means Mr Johnson is highly unlikely to reach a deal in time for his October 31 Brexit deadline.

    European ambassadors set the October 11 cut-off date last night after Michel Barnier, the EU’s lead Brexit negotiator, told them that the government needed to “fundamentally amend its position” before formal negotiations could take place.

    “We will have to make a judgment call at the end of next week with regard to deciding if it’s possible to have a deal in time”


    UK PM Boris Johnson keeping to the Benn Act and has committed to sending an A50 extension letter via BBC reporter citing court documents.

    PM Johnson’s spokeswoman Via Reuters

    Northern .Irish minister will meet Irish Foreign minister late Ron Friday
    Clear all sides want a Brexit deal
    ready to talk at any point over the weekend
    PM sees proposals as a broad landing zone in which a deal can take shape
    will publish the legal text and we have out it forward confidentially and we will consider publication

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