Boeing Earnings Outlook Beat, What’s Next For $BA ?

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    Helmholtz Watson

    Strong backlog and solid beat but first thing I see is the revenue and earnings lower on Q and beats because of expectations – oh the games to get the market higher and higher lol

    Great report gives me a clear view of whats ahead – well outside of what congress will allow 🙂


    Boeing $BA market outlook for Indian aviation sector.

    For the next 20 years, there would be a demand for 2,100 new airplanes (5.1% of global demand) valued at $290Bil. Single-aisle planes (like 737 MAX) will command lion’s share, with approx. 1,780 airplanes.

    The report was released as part of its annual Current Market Outlook.


    $BA announced that it had delivered the first 737 MAX 8 to flydubai, which marks the first carrier in the Middle East to operate the single-aisle plane.

    flydubai has ordered 76 737 MAXs, which will be added to its current fleet. 737 MAX is the fastest-selling aircraft in $BA’s history, with order backlog of more than 3,800 globally.


    Roll back a year ago and Boeing was dead in the water – if I recall right even John McCain was recommending Airbus . They now seem stronger than ever. Great for America.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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