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    The Baltimore Orioles drew just 7,915 last night in game against the BlueJays, their lowest attendance in history of Camden Yards with exception of April 29, 2015, when no fans were permitted in ballpark after civil unrest. The game-time temperature was 44.

    Josh Donaldson hit his 4th career Grand Slam, and 3rd with the BlueJays.
    That is tied for the 7th-most in franchise history.

    Blue Jays crush Orioles 7-1


    On This Date: 71 years ago, Jackie Robinson broke down the color barrier, becoming the first African-American to play in MLB


    ^^^ +3 … YES – I remember reading the book in my youth of this great player & human being 8)


    The Toronto Blue Jays have postponed Monday night’s game after chunks of ice fell from the CN Tower and damaged the roof of the Rogers Centre.

    The team announced on Twitter just after 5:30 p.m. that their series opener against the Kansas City Royals has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 3:07 p.m. It will be a doubleheader as both teams will also play their second game at 7:07 p.m.

    other jays news…..
    Blue Jays prospect Guerrero Jr. named Eastern League player of the week
    .361/.419/.639 with two home runs and 12 RBIs through his first nine games at double-A New Hampshire


    [b]Years ago I saw potential in MOOKIE “the wookie” with 3HRs last night …

    and he is a perfect “May the 4th be with you” post – lol

    This is like an interactive version of “baseball cards” that I used to collect in EXCEL format … click on any category and it will share leader … a good link for STATS 🙂


    I read a horrible article on either the WSJ or MW
    it was utterly garbage so it was probably MW
    …but the theme was…. what to invest in now when nothing is worth investing in (something like that)

    the first thing that came to my head was baseball cards

    unfortunately for me, I had a baseball card collection that would have done me well into retirement
    but the ex got that – no Mantel or Wagner cards but I had the steroid era rookie card collection


    [b]a “me too” on baseball cards as when I moved out to be married some 41+ years ago, I left them behind … not only was I an avid collector — but one much older friend who collected thru late 1950s gave me a huge collection (and maybe not in mint condition), but I had a couple of shoe boxes full … and told my mom if she ever runs into them, we’ll all be rich 8) Also about 20 years ago, I did some small comic book collections (as you can tell I love Superman series) … a friend at work collected these and packaged in plastic, so I got on his order each month — and do have a few nice ones of the time (like 400th edition of Superman) packed away …

    Mookie the wookie is now up to 13 HRs -with 2 more :woohoo: … Blue Jays are in a tough division to say the least … Oakland always impresses me as having best farm system out there — as on a low payroll they get stars out of no where … for example, I can’t image no hitting BOSTON a couple of weeks ago … I don’t get to watch too much sports, as most of it is on either the “expensive political” or “Jane Fonda” networks – lol[/b]


    I always tell people that are looking at investing into stocks that there are other things …like baseball cards, comic books, stamps, butterflies, paintings, etc they do make good investments.


    Pujols joining the names of Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Alex Rodriguez*

    As huge as the feat is, 3000 hits & 600 HR’s must people won’t actually know of who he is. Since most of Albert Pujols career was spent in the National League and now he is on the West Coast …the majority of baseball TV viewers never got to see him.

    *steroid user


    [color=purple][b]Ohhhhh the humanity :ohmy: … 1st NO HITTER on Canadian soil & by a Canadian 8)
    Canadian James Paxton of Seattle no hits Blue Jays 5-0 😉 :woohoo:

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