Apple expected to unveil the iPhone 8 Sept 12

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    Well here we are and I see all the chatter is about the iWatch doesn’t need an iPhone – I would have thought we don’t really need either 🙂


    [color=purple]Apple – iPhone X and other products announced today
    Summary of key product announcements below:[/color]

    [size=5]1. Apple unveiled iPhone X, its first premium-tier phone, at an event in Cupertino, Calif., on Tuesday. (Pro tip: The X is pronounced 10, and not “ex.”) .. features OLED display, no home button, FACE-ID, and multi-core CPU

    2. iPhone X has a newer screen technology known as OLED, a type of display that can be made thinner, lighter and brighter with better color accuracy and contrast than its predecessor, LCD.

    3. The screen on the X has a so-called edge-to-edge display that takes up the entire face by eliminating the borders around the screen. Apple also eliminated the physical home button that has been a signature button on the iPhone for a decade. (simply swipe bottom of screen for “home” menu now)

    4. iPhone 8 is also here, as well as its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus. The models include a glass body a faster chip.

    5. Apple TV, the company’s set-top box that has never been a blockbuster hit, got an upgrade. The device will now be able to stream so-called 4K resolution, which refers to screens with two times the vertical resolution and twice the horizontal resolution of older high-definition TVs.

    6. Apple took the wraps off a new Apple Watch. Called Apple Watch Series 3, it has cellular capabilities. There’s also a new Watch OS.[/size]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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