Apple $AAPL Record Quarter Revenue Beat

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    I have an old Samsung without a contract which I only use for notifications

    I’ve never bought an Apple product, phone and tablet are Android
    even my main computer (win7) is half Android
    …which is kinda funny because I dislike Win10 app view

    Super Harley

    Yes don’t like Win 10 myself – Apple I like for iTunes etc


    LOL … and if you break the GLASS CASE on a VERY FRAGILE iPhone “X” via FACE-ID … you’re in for SEVEN YEARS of bad luck 🙂 or maybe 7 years locked up as Donna recently shared 😉


    my computer has Facial ID login but I never use it
    think it would be harder to coerce a password out of me then shoving my face in front of a camera


    +3 and forget facial ID for me … ALL of my laptops have DUCK TAPE over the camera lens 😉 🙂


    Tape over the camera unless you are skyping – you didn’t need Ed Snowden to tell you ‘they’ were watching


    and have a “war story” to tell on DANGERS of webcams .. or in smart devices like the iPHONE 8 or “X” for example …

    Being in computer field we sometimes get calls for things that “GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT” … and MS/Office has Lync (and Skype) … while in office our Dell laptops are in nice docking stations & webcam is always off …

    But if you get called at night, you open laptop & bingo (I’ve got docking station also at home) …. the webcam comes on unbeknownst to you … I do recall a quite a while back, working with lady in nightgown :ohmy: And also my face in chat session also at 2am in morning (and it ain’t a pretty picture – lol)

    So I got the “duck tape” idea even before famous article of Zuck doing that on FB…..

    Hence if you a smart TV – tape over the webcam if there is one … You bought TV to watch it … and you don’t want it watching you 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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