Analysing Facebook Advertising Price and Volume Drivers

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    Super Harley

    Social Media and FANG giant Facebook was issued…


    Super Harley

    Facebook Inc. $FB announced a new deal with Major League Baseball (MLB).

    The social media giant now has exclusive rights to stream 25 afternoon games on its network in the United States. Recall that Twitter did a similar deal with the NFL 2 years ago. This is the first time that the MLB has agreed to show regular season games exclusively on Facebook.

    Unanimously, MLB owners voted in favor of the deal

    Facebook Inc NASDAQ: FB · March 9 Close $185.23 ▲ 2.89 (+1.59%)


    Facebook scandal keeps feeding on itself with the market so skewed long now over 40$ off all time high
    NASDAQ: FB · March 26, 10:30 AM EDT 154.05 ▼ 5.45 (3.42%)


    [color=red][b]YES – down about 4% while rest of market soars :woohoo:
    There is a fiduciary & ethical need to manage even social network data responsibility
    I believe FB will rebound – as I think they’ve made a better commitment to privacy
    but there may be some major advertising revenue losses[/b][/color]


    People act as if Facebook is alone in using peoples data for advertising

    straight off the Twitter website

    and I will be honest, if TradersCommunity had actual advertisers u can guarantee that I would do geo advertising and in bound location targeted – its just so basic and easy to do. The hard part is getting the advertisers, where as most social media sites have millions to billions.

    seriously though, you know who dropped the ball on all this privacy?
    print media


    Federal Trade Commission confirms investigation of Facebook

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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