2017-18 NHL Playoffs

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    game night Go Leafs Go


    My bride, Rudolph the pug, and me watched BRUINS v. LEAFS last night … and what a great VICTORY & GOALEE (as most of faceoffs was in front of LEAFS goal keeper :woohoo: :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: … I didn’t like fight at very end of game – but sometimes things get rough out there 😳 … In younger days, I had great sense of balance & could rollerskate or iceskate – even backwards (I’ve actually rented skates in Rockefellow Center in NYC a few times when traveling heavily in NYC … so I can appreciate just to be able to skate — much less control a puck, stick, and to get “crashed into” often … every NFL game on CBS, NBC, or FOX — the hound & I are watching 8)


    fortunate here that we get outdoor rinks made for us during winter from Mother Nature
    I can’t remember when I started skating but played lots of outdoor hockey as a kid

    There was one year where Lake Simcoe froze over (happens every year) and it was smooth like an indoor rink. The sun created a partial melt during the day and no wind and bitter cold night made the best skating for miles around. I was out there for at least 5 hrs that day.

    and yes, I watched that Leafs game 😉
    always stressful to watch them play the Bruins as Toronto has epic collapses in the 3rd period.

    Game 6 tonight


    Game 7 of the First Round Series between the Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins has been set for 7:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 25, in Boston


    [b]2 v. 2 TIE … it’s not on local channel as we cant get the “Expensive Sports Political Network” or the “Jane Fonda” one – lol … but I am hoping, praying, and following developments … Go LEAFs 8)



    [b]ooohhhh the humanity ….as BOSTON now has 3-2 lead :woohoo:
    Maybe it’s better off if one doesn’t watch :whistle:
    Hoping LEAFs don’t follow in the ways of UVA, VA TECH, or WASHINGTON REDSKINS
    now you see why I gave up cable TV, as my teams ain’t worth watching sometimes – lol
    But I’m watching some great historical documentaries (Nat Geo Mayans in HD) & checking up on scores

    //EDIT — YAY and just saw where TOR just scored 2 goals to take 4-3 lead & TOR has excellent goalie who had save after save after said …. OK boys git ‘er done 8)[/b]


    Frederik Andersen is the best goalie in the NHL





    [b]Rudolph & I watched excellent close game of PIT v. WASH (CAPS won 6-3, but they got most goals in final period in come from behind victory)… it is rare to see hockey without paid TV services, and glad it followed after KY DERBY 8)



    I’ve pretty much watched most of the games
    although, not nearly as excited aboot since the Leafs are out
    cheering for the Winterpeg Jets to bring the cup to Canada

    TB eliminated the Bruins
    Vegas eliminated the Sharks



    [color=purple][b]LOS VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS — rare for expansion team to make final in 1st year (St. Louis did it in 1968)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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