WWE Shares Smackdown on Revenue and International Media Deal Jitters

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Saudi Arabia WWE Flight Delay Gets Rumors Going About Crown Prince

The WWE Saudi Arabia return Flight was delayed after Crown Jewel 2019 Friday Night it was reported as a mechanical issue which then led to a delay and a fallout from Crown Jewel, which crowned a new Universal champion in Bray Wyatt.

[color=red][b]Earlier in the day, WWE announced various SmackDown stars would be unable to make tonight’s show due to flight issues in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Per a WWE press release:
“More than 175 Superstars, production crew and employees boarded a 747 charter flight back to the United States on Thursday. After the door closed, due to several aircraft problems including mechanical issues, all passengers sat on the tarmac for more than six hours.”

WWE has since announced “Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Carmella, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, Brock Lesnar “plus additional surprises” for the Friday night flagship.

The story became particularly interesting when WWE Superstars began sending out frustrated, if not cryptic, tweets, leading some to speculate these flight issues may not have been strictly mechanical.

From there we have developing stories of the plan held up because the Crown Prince owes Vince McMahon money – not a good story for a good relationship in Saudi Arabia.