What To Expect With Amazon $AMZN Earnings

Helmholtz Watson

[quote=”ClemSnide” post=387][quote=”CautiousInvestor” post=382]a “MISS” is still a “MISS” … and mainly wanted to note that Amazon’s CEO only briefly passed Bill Gates at peak intraday record … but with some selling pressure, Gates is back to #1 … both are right outside $90B each[/quote]

Impressive climb to fame by Jeff Bezos – but it says a lot about the way the headline new richest man in the world is lauded by the press and the herd with all the bad going on.

I see AMZn as in a transition phase and I think BeEzos does with all these large takeovers FWIW[/quote]

Agree with your points – further on the political – recall he owns Washington Post and apparently the ‘liberals’ love him – this just gets more upside down. So let me get this right the richest man in the world – and how did he get there? A champion of the people yet his companies destroyed businesses and how many jobs lost and lives transformed?