[b]VERY POWERFUL T-STORMs roared thru with some areas getting quarter & tennis ball sized HAIL … and numerous small TORNADOs in NC & SW VIRGINIA … After 4th red flag in Bristol 500 race, every local station went into mandatory emergency coverage & in tornado warning mode (esp. Lynchburg & Appomattox region) for over an hour. We were well into 80Fs on SAT & went from 75F to 45F yesterday — and we often pay for this good weather … I had a huge quilt ready for the Avalon in case HAIL was on the way (as I had just washed & waxed) … still all in all thankful to escape these storms without ending up in land of OZ .. and finally we are cold enough to get SNOW in mountains but ground is too warm for anything to stick

With major solar minimums on SUNSPOTS (zero for long stretches) we are having COLD March & April