Using Algorithms To Evaluate Sponsorship For Advertisers and Sports

Super Harley

Facebook $FB announced a new deal with Major League Baseball (MLB).

The social media giant now has exclusive rights to stream 25 afternoon games on its network in the United States. Recall that Twitter did a similar deal with the NFL 2 years ago. This is the first time that the MLB has agreed to show regular season games exclusively on Facebook. Unanimously, MLB owners voted in favor of the deal. Facebook had 20 nonexclusive MLB games last season and acquired exclusive rights to stream 47 college basketball games involving smaller conferences this year.

This deal underscores the changing environment that the algorithm is trying to value. Facebook has UEFA Champions League and Univision to broadcast live games from Mexico’s top soccer league.

“Much like the migration of sports from broadcast to cable, you’re reaching these milestones where the combination of the financial incentive and the audience allow you to make the next great leap. This is part of the next great leap” Said Lee Berke, industry consultant to Bloomberg: